5/17 Runners in scoring position

As team, the Cubs are batting .278 overall, but they’re hitting .232 with runners in scoring position. It’s the veterans who are struggling the most. Here are the numbers:

* Marlon Byrd: .227 (10-for-44) with RISP, 7 RBIs

Note: Byrd has eight RBIs for the year, all coming when he hits third. Three of those came on May 4, and are his only RBIs for the month of May.

* Aramis Ramirez: .231 (9-for-39) with RISP, 11 RBIs.

Note: He’s 0-for-15 with RISP and two outs.

* Alfonso Soriano: .179 (7-for-39) with RISP, 11 RBIs.

Here are some positive numbers:

* Jeff Baker:  .438 (7-for-16) with RISP, 11 RBIs

* Starlin Castro: .300 (12-for-40) with RISP, 16 RBIs

* Darwin Barney: .333 (14-for-34) with RISP, 15 RBIs

 — Carrie Muskat

1 Comment

Why is Pena’s RISP batting success or failure not mentioned? Shouldn’t he be included because he WAS SIGNED TO DO JUST THAT???? Hmmmm….kind of makes you wonder if Hendry put the word out to back off Pena for the time being….hmmmmm……

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