5/22 The good news is Byrd is hungry

Marlon Byrd will fly back to Chicago with his teammates Sunday night but when he’ll be able to play with them is still unknown. The Cubs outfielder has multiple facial fractures after being hit by a pitch on Saturday night. Carlos Pena visited his teammate at the hospital Saturday.

“You’re worrying, ‘Man, is he going to be able to see?'” Pena said. “One of the things he was yelling is, ‘I can’t see out of my left eye.’ All I’m thinking about is a couple guys I know who have similar injuries very recently.”

The good news is that Byrd could see Pena when he stopped by to visit, even though he said his vision was still fuzzy. Even better, Byrd was hungry and eating pizza in the hospital.

“He’s doing well,” Pena said. “He’s a tough kid. When you see an injury like that, you want to be as optimistic as possible but all you think is the worst. I was very fearful for his vision, for his eye, for damage to his head.”

Byrd will see specialists this week in Chicago to get a better feel for the severity of his injury.

— Carrie Muskat

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