5/23 Montanez to Cubs — finally

It’s been a long, curious route to Wrigley Field for Lou Montanez, who has reportedly been called up to the Cubs for Tuesday’s game against the Mets. Montanez was the Cubs’ No. 1 pick in the 2000 First-Year Player Draft.  He never made it to the big leagues after seven years in the Minors with the Cubs and was declared a Minor League free agent after the ’06 season. He signed with the Orioles, and made his Major League debut 2008. That season, he won the Eastern League batting crown with a .335 average and was promoted on Aug. 5.

But he opened ’09 at Triple-A Norfolk, and missed more than three months because of torn ligaments in his right thumb suffered in early May. He began last season at Norfolk again and was called up to the Orioles in April. He appeared in 26 games, batting .140, before he was sidelined with a strained left oblique June 21-Aug. 13.

Montanez, 29, signed a Minor League deal with the Cubs on Jan. 12 this year and was in Spring Training camp as a non-roster invitee.

The Des Moines Register reported that Iowa manager Bill Dancy confirmed Montanez’s call-up. The Cubs need an extra outfielder with Marlon Byrd out for an indefinite period of time after suffering facial fractures Saturday night when he was hit by a pitch. Montanez was batting .369 with five homers, 11 doubles, three triples and 43 RBIs in 42 games with Iowa.

— Carrie Muskat


anyone wanna take bets on how bad this guy will be? I will bet he is terrible… hope im wrong

Or we could actually support the guy and pull for him from the start?

He is the form guy in the outfield at AAA and has been promoted. Who else was there?

None of us should let our hatred of Hendry cloud of love of the Cubs.

I hope you are wrong too petrey. Besides he will get so little playing time/starts like Colvin, Campana and Castillo that we may not have an opportunity to see how bad OR GOOD he is, right? I mean, my God the Cubs can’t upset the great RBI machines that are Soriano and Fukodome and add even MORE EGG to Hendry’s face by playing unproven youngsters. The youngsters will only get regular playing time when the Cubs suck, have no chance of overcoming the NL Central let alone American League challengers…wait a minute…THAT’S THIS SEASON, DUH. Only Hendry and Quade don’t see it that way. The outfield as of RIGHT NOW for the sake of future seasons AND even improving THIS season should be Johnson, Campana and Montenez. Let’s find out what we got!!!

“The outfield as of RIGHT NOW for the sake of future seasons AND even improving THIS season should be Johnson, Campana and Montenez. Let’s find out what we got!!!”

I seriously hope thi sis a joke

Yes, a joke. But no matter as the current outfield is already a joke as well. The Cubs must have one of the worst run producining, over paid outfields in the NL Central if not all of baseball. Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right…here we are stuck in the middle with Hendry. The joke is on us.

It’s not just the outfield, Joey (although Soriano hasn’t homered since May 2). Ramirez has 17 RBIs.

Stands back from the keyboard in ammazenet! Thanks!

Absolutely correct Carrie, I just didn’t want to get any more depressed BUT…since you bring it up…ALL of Hendry’s “RBI” positions are HORIBLE. Soriano in LF, Fukodome in RF, Ramirez at 3B, and Pena at 1B. All are counted on to PRODUCE RUNS, and who are the Cubs relying on this season??? The surprising Barney and his partner Castro. Can you imagine our record without them? I can cut Hendry some slack for Ramirez as that was a good contract and at least his numbers are fading in the last two seasons of his deal but Soriano, Fukodome and now Pena have to be considered BUSTS considering the lack of production throughout their contract years. Soon we’ll see Lil’ Campana in the 4 hole??!!! 🙂

Over 10 runs scored?!?! Great victory….how much did Soriano, Fukodome or Pena have to do with it? Pena had an AWESOME WALK (again…), 10 million dollar middle of the order dead man WALKING . Fukodome and his unlimited RBI potential on the bench where he belongs, waiting to fill in for defense and Soriano striking out as usual on a bad pitch and getting on base by what should have been ruled and error. Ramirez continuing his farewell tour (thanks for the memories Ram!). Really, what does Hendry expect Quade (or any manager) to do with Soriano for the next 3 years?? At least Fukodome, Ramirez and Pena will be gone next season but with Hendry coming back (?…we can hope…) who’s to say he doesn’t screw up AGAIN?

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