5/27 Big Z’s milestones

Carlos Zambrano went 3-for-3 and allowed two runs over six innings to earn the win in the Cubs’ 9–3 victory Thursday over the Mets.  According to Elias Sports Bureau, it was the eighth game in which Zambrano recorded three or more hits and was the winning pitcher, the highest total since Bob Gibson retired in 1975 with eight such victories.

Zambrano also has the most such wins in modern Cubs history (that is, since 1900), with two more than Grover Alexander or Mordecai Brown.
Still not impressed?  Zambrano has three more such wins than Babe Ruth, who posted a 94–46 record, primarily for the Red Sox in the teens, but had three or more hits in only five of them.

— Carrie Muskat

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Given that both Dewitt and Baker have played like they care at 3rd base in the last 2weeks why on earth does Ramirez who is playing to the form of the lump of immobile lard that he is keep getting trotted out.

Similarly Soriano has a weker defense than Charles Manson and gets rolled out again. Yet MOntanez in his first and only start was multi-hit and Reed is tearing the leather.

Has Hendry / Quade not witnessed the plummeting interest in this bunch of overpaid vets?

A complete and utter shambles

I despise Hendry and what he done to our team, but a lot of the problen can also be laid at the door of the GUTLESS Quade.

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