5/27 Lopez to start Monday for Cubs

Rodrigo Lopez arrived at Wrigley Field in time to be in the bullpen for Friday’s game but the right-hander was expected to start Monday for the Cubs against the Astros. Lopez, acquired from the Braves for a Minor League pitcher, Ryan Buchter, was 6-1 with a 2.59 ERA in nine games with Triple-A Gwinnett. The 35-year-old veteran will be the Cubs’ ninth starter this season. Casey Coleman was expected to be optioned to Triple-A Iowa on Saturday to make room on the roster for Randy Wells, who will be activated from the DL and start against the Pirates.

— Carrie Muskat


I read in the papers some comments from the obviously un-coached mind of Hendry when it comes to public speaking that he was acutually “scouring” for pitchers like Lopez??? Doug Davis, now Lopez….just HOW insufficient is Hendry’s system when it comes to pitching? Why not bring up Archer? Oh yeah, in the irratating words of Hawk Harrelson…HE GONE! So, Hendry jettisons Gorzeallany to SAVE MONEY the only way he can because NO TEAM wants Soriano or Fukodome, and he already embarrassed the entire organization by first signing Bradley then trading him for the only player that was equally as bad in Silva then RELEASING HIM. NOW Hendry is back spending money on the likes of Davis and Lopez? Is ANYBODY supervising this man? Is the money spent on Davis and Lopez anywhere near what he “saved” by launching Gorzellany an already servicable if not GOOD pithcer???

Joey, just give up.

Quade has. Hendry never could.

After the thoroughly embarassment of Friday afternoon, Quade sends out his comedy double act at 4 and 5. Last year Fat Lou’s insistence on keeping the misfiring Lee and Ramirez in thefiring line destroyed the season. This year Quade is doing the same with Sorryohno and Lardy Ramirez – they have combined for 40ish RBIs to date and couldn’t defend for toffee… though actually if you offered Ramirez toffee his chins might move quicker than his feet.

Release them both and play for the future… because on yesterday’s embarassing showing – the latest in a long line of 2011 embarassments – we will be lucky to win 70games with them, Swan Lake Fukupdome and Davis on the roster. At least Pena tries his heart out and is saving the runs from the young MIs wayward throws.

There is no “at least” for Pena, he is a big boy at an RBI positon and failing just like Ramirez, Fukodome and Soriano.
That’s 4 RBI spots that Hendry has decimated for this season. D. Lee would have been a cheaper “at least” if the only concern was saving Castro from errors. Never give up! There will come a day when Hendry is gone and THEN hope will be renewed. It is not the day when Soriano, Fukodome and Pena’s contracts expire it is the day the GM responsable for those contracts will no longer be in the position to repeat such foul moves. But Hendry will more than likely get credit for “rebuilding” the team just by default.

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