5/29 Pesky Pirates

You know that the Pirates beat the Cubs, 10-0, at Wrigley Field, on Saturday. Did you know that was the 25th time in 96 seasons there that the Cubs have fallen victim to a double-digit shutout in The Friendly Confines? According to Elias Sports Bureau, the Pirates have accounted for five of those 25 shutouts, more than any other team, and they also administered the mother of all double-digit shutouts, a 22-0 drubbing of the Cubs on Sept. 16, 1975. In that game, Pittsburgh second baseman Rennie Stennett went 7-for-7. That’s the largest shutout score in modern major-league history. The Indians tied that mark with a 22-0 victory at Yankee Stadium in 2004.

* Heading into Sunday’s game, the Pirates are 16-6 against the Cubs since Sept. 30, 2009.

“They’re athletic, and they’re better [than they were a few years ago],” Mike Quade said. “That doesn’t give me any solace. We should be able to compete with them. Clint (Hurdle) has given them some leadership, which maybe they needed.”

— Carrie Muskat


Just a pity that Quade cannot give this bag of losers some leadership.

I cannot but think we would be 3-5 games better off with Hurdle making these largely unfit / out of weight (or in the case of Ramirez and Soto fat) losers work hard. So much for the rubbish about small ball when Quade took over. He continues to make excuses, but has obviously lost the team – Barney’s reaction (sat in the dugout head in hands) after yesterday’s shambles spoke a 1000 words.

Ramirez and Soriano need running out of town before their lack of effort spreads to the younger players.

It is pretty bad when our own manager points out what the lowly Pirates have added to their team: athleticism and leadership, at the same time making a self indictment of what his team lacks. A shame…the Cubs now have to aspire to be “pesky” just to ELEAVATE them to the same league as the Pirates. Will the Ricketts NOW see the shambles his GM has made of his purchase? If this isn’t enough exposure of an indadequate system run by an inadequate GM then what is?
Apparenlty anybody Hendry signs…Quade will play. And to put DeWitt (really no offense against him…) in LF to replace the finally injured, OLD Soriano instead of an actual OUTFIELDER speaks volumes about Quade and Hendry.

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