5/31 Astros 7, Cubs 3

Carlos Marmol gave up six runs in one-third of an inning, the first time he’s served up that many ever in relief. In his next to last career start on Aug. 13, 2006, against the Rockies, Marmol gave up six runs in Colorado.

* Carlos Zambrano gave up one run in eight innings. He did not get a decision Tuesday but is 4-0 with a 2.62 ERA when he goes at least six innings.

* Aramis Ramirez batted fifth for the first time since July 15, 2010, against the Phillies. He’s a career .283 hitter in the No. 5 hole.

* Starlin Castro hit his fifth triple of the season, matching the mark he set his rookie season. All five of his triples have come at Wrigley Field. He’s batting .412 in his last 13 home games.

— Carrie Muskat


What a train wreck. All aboard the Hendry Bullet!! Non-stop to last place at record speed. Even Marmol can have an awful day, everybody is allowed. Maybe if he was used more often at what he is supposed to be doing he might not implode. Just saying he too can be out of whack from lack of PROPER use due to the abysmal roster. When WILL it be time to pull the plug on the TEN MILLION DOLLAR Carlos Pena reclaimation project? Just another bad deal by Hendry. Hell, Carlos Silva might have actually contributed more to this team considering the lack of pitching and Hendry cut him loose at a higher cost? What exactly is the difference with Pena? He too is over paid and NOT performing…sounds like Silva except Pena is a “nice clubhouse presence” so let’s pay him, play him and look the other way, to hell with his LACK OF PRODUCTION. The Guy makes Mark Grace look like Albert Pujols. It’s amazing that Quade (with so little to lose) just doesn’t go for broke and play only the kids at every postion, maybe he would get a run like he got at the end of last year? Soriano, Ramirez, Fukodome and Pena are OBVIOUSLY not cutting it. Did I see correctly…Fukodome has just FOUR RUNS BATTED IN. What else does Quade need to see? FOUR RUNS BATTED IN FROM OUR STARTING RIGHT FIELDER. FOUR. Colvin even with a terrible start, less than half the AB’s and a demotion to AAA has EIGHT.

joey you got to know that Fuke isn’t usually hitting in spots where he has a RISP… Fuke is hitting 389 with RISP and 308 overall so I will take that ANYDAY OF THE WEEK!!! Especially from Fuke but it is about time for him to take the rest of the year off so I say trade him NOW!!! Get something in return for him and I don’t care if its a bag of peanuts…. Pena hit 258 in May with 7 hr and 19 RBIs… ILL TAKE IT!! We don’t have guys on the roster that can put up those numbers so we gotta play him whether u liek it or not…. its the right thing to do especially when Baker is on the DL… now when Bake comes back I would love to see him play the Derosa role and get to play numerous positions and play almost everyday… but until then this is the Cubs… this is what we are stuck with bc Hendry wasted too much money on a lot of overpaid guys… we know that… just gotta live with it now bc we can’t get out of those big contracts…. Hendry needs to go bc of how he has SPENT in the past not because of the structure of the current lineup

Petrey, of course I know that. We can’t afford that from an RBI spot (RF), no excuses. Fukodome is one of those “in between” players, not good enough to occupy the RBI position and not good enough to be a THREATENING lead off man. YOU CAN HAVE HIM. AND YOU CAN HAVE PENA, his AWESOME batting average and his 5 month contract since he didn’t show up in April. And by the way from what I’ve seen he’s no D. Lee on defense either, pretty good but should not be KNOWN for being an EXCELLENT DEFENDER. No way around it Hendry signs the WRONG players. Period. AnybodY that will “take” it can have it. I’m tired of all the bill of goods Hendry has sold us more demanding fans. Pena and Fukodome will get you exactly what you see RIGHT NOW….mediocrity at best. Should have SAVED EVERY BLESSED CENT for 2012, that’s what a more realistic GM would have done NOT TO MENTION SMARTER.

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