6/5 Big Z: “We stink”

Carlos Zambrano criticized Carlos Marmol and his teammates after Sunday’s 3-2, 10-inning loss to the Cardinals, which was the Cubs’ sixth straight defeat. Big Z was asked if he was surprised that Albert Pujols came through with the game-winning hit again.

“The problem wasn’t Pujols,” Zambrano said. ” The problem was the previous at-bat. We should know better than this. We played like a Triple-A team. This is embarrassing, embarrassing for the team, for the owners, for the fans. Embarrassing. That’s the word for this team. We should know better than this, we should know better than we did on the field. We should know that Ryan Theriot is not a good fastball hitter. We should know that as a team. We should play better here. We stink. That’s all I’ve got to say.”

In case you weren’t watching, Theriot hit a game-tying RBI double in the ninth off Marmol, hitting a slider. Marmol apparently shook off catcher Koyie Hill, who wanted him to throw a fastball.

— Carrie Muskat


He is 100% right

Sad to admit it, but is true.

Hell, Big Z as player-manager would be a step up from Mike “I’m Hendry’s Boy” Quade!

He’s absolutely right! But with only 3 solid starters who’s confidence is shaky due to the defense, what are you going to do?

Go get em Carlos!! He is right. We are a joke, Hendry is a joke, I knew Ricketts was clueless when he continued the Cubs abusive relationship with that idiot Jim Hendry. Does anyone know what Sandberg’s out clause is with the Phils organization?

It’s time for Quade to go, and Hendry for that matter. They put together a minor league team this year and they make decisions that only hurt the club. If the Rickett’s ever want to put this 100 year losing streak to an end they need to invest in a major league caliber manager, and stop letting Jim Hendry put minor league teams in Cubs’ uniforms!

I’ve seen lots of fans commenting that its time to call up the youngsters and let them play. I don’t know why people complain that they’re playing like a AAA team. The biggest problem, however, is that it’s mainly veterans who are playing like AAA’ers.

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Big Z only voiced the truth. If the truth hurts, then it’s time to change.

The sad thing is, I think the change will end up being trading Big Z. I know he said he wouldn’t waive his no-trade clause before, and I really want him to be a Cub his entire career, but I wouldn’t blame him for wanting to get out of here.

But where will that leave Cubs? We won’t even have a chance to win one in every five games, if he leaves us.

Big Z—please stay, you are the only reason to watch the Cubs right now. We need you.

The thing with the Cubs and “youth” is sure, a lot of us fans want to see the kids play…meaning a COMMITMENT to the youth, finding out if they will be part of 2012 or not. But Quade and Hendry continually try to mix n’ match youth and the aging useless veterans. If Quade had the idea to sit the likes of Ramirez, Soriano, Fukodome & even the new multi million dollar waste of payroll Pena on the bench and play all the kids KNOWING it is A PLAN, and not necessarily an effort to win games that would be perfectly acceptable and commendable. It’s this lack of commitment to a LONG RANGE plan that continually confounds most of us. If we KNEW there was a youth movement I don’t think any of us fans would be upset with the mounting losses. But losing WITH the likes of Fukodome, Pena, Ramirez, Hill and Soriano while the kids rot on the bench waiting for an injury to happen is what is completely unnerving. Quade is not bringing anything new, fresh or gutsy to this team, just the same old same old Hendry style. Really…why is Hill even earning a paycheck? Are the “stuck” with him like Soriano and Fukodome? NO, he’s an anemic back up catcher preventing the chance to see if Wellington Castill cacn CHALLENGE SOTO for a starting job NEXT SEASON. But we won’t know that, will we Mr. Hendry?

We need a good manager to coach these kids when they come up or else it just won’t matter. I agree, sit the vets or send them down. Why is jaramillos name never mentioned? Clean house!! The Cubs are well on their way to losing 110 games this year.

HE IS CORRECT…the truth sometimes hurts!!!!!!! Marmol is NO closer…PLEASE!!!!!!! Everytime he gets in and we are wining…he blows it! And we paid good money for this guy…what a waste!!!

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Marmol for the most part excelled with the Cubs but his best days were as a lights out set up man for the closer. Hendry mis-calculated by inserting Marmol as the closer instead of making the team stronger by getting another closer and leaving Marmol as the set up man. With that said can any of us really think Marmol is the problem? NO. I believe between Hendry and his puppet manager ALL the players are being incorrectly used and developed. Always waiting and hoping for something good to just “happen” instead of PLANNING something good to happen even if that “good” is just proper player development in what is OBVIOUSLY a lost season with no cause to keep playing the veterans, especially those that will NOT BE ON THE TEAM NEXT YEAR.

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