6/6 Brenly: “Another dead [bleep] team”

Cubs television analyst Bob Brenly said Carlos Zambrano’s rant after Sunday’s game was overdue.

“Big Z is just expressing what a lot of fans feel, what a lot of us broadcasters feel, and, as usual, doesn’t always choose his words properly, doesn’t always choose his forum properly, but I applaud the emotions,” Brenly said in an interview on WSCR 670-AM on Monday. “This has been, once again, another dead-[bleep] team. You’ve got some guys that look like they’re just playing out the string, and we’re only in the first [week] of June here, and we know from past experience that Carlos is not one of those guys who can sit idly by and keep his mouth shut and just let things continue to spiral downward. He’s going to express his opinion, he’s going to be emotional about it when he does it.

“”I don’t view this as a suspendable offense or anything like that,” Brenly said. “I just think it’s a guy who is frustrated with the way the season has gone, he’s frustrated with the way his teammates have approached their daily business. … I’m sure there are times when Carlos is just as guilty as anybody on that roster.

“For me, it’s time,” he said. “It’s about time that somebody stood up and said, ‘Enough is enough. I’m tired of watching this.'”

However, Brenly said Zambrano’s comments at Carlos Marmol should’ve been kept between the two, saying “it’s not right to throw your teammate under a bus and divert attention away from the other shortcomings of this ballclub.” Brenly applauded Zambrano for trying to light a fire under the team.

“For God’s sake, this team just cannot continue to spiral the way it has been,” he said.

— Carrie Muskat


he is talking to you RICKETTS!!! Pull your head out and watch how bad these guys are!!! ITS NOT JUST INJURIES!!!

Bob and Z are correct
And now the Press (miles) are trying to run Z out of tow for speaking the truth
Hendry and Q are the ones who need to go Z is one of the few doing his job

could not have said it any better JBLACK

The other if not ONLY shortcomings of this ball club are Hendry and Quade. Really, nobody neec mention Quade again as he is only here by way of Hendry. IT IS ALL HENDRY.

Yea for Zambrano and Brenly. The Cubs are a dead ass team. We as fans need to stop going to the Cub games, this might change the attitude of Hendry, Ricketts, and Quade. Zambrano should be made an assistant to Quade. Z at the present is the only knowledge player on the Cubs.

Z and Johnson has been the only veterans working their socks off this year.

Even Dempster, Byrd and Soto have coasted.

Z and Brenley speak for the overwhelming majority of us fans. They see the shambles Hendry has created and call it as it is.

Ricketts said it is down to injuries – for me donuts are involved as well… you don’t get to be as fat amd lazy as Ramirez and Soto without overdoing visits to Dunkins…

If you feel you must still support this lame team, buy at Stub-hub, not from the Cubs. Tickets at stub-hub are a fraction of the price and you are not supporting Ricketts as the tickets have already been paid for.

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