6/7 Cubs lineup

Expect lots of Springboro, Ohio, fans in the stands at Great American Ball Park on Tuesday. Tony Campana is starting in center field for the Cubs in Game 2 of their series against the Reds. Tyler Colvin is getting the day off. He’s scuffling, 0-for-31 in his last 14 games. Here’s the lineup vs. Edinson Volquez:

RF Fukudome

2B Barney

SS Castro

1B Pena

3B Ramirez

LF DeWitt

CF Campana

C Soto

P Davis

— Carrie Muskat



If Quade is so insistent on getting DeWitt’s POWERFUL and AWESOME BAT in the line up wouldn’t it make more sense to NOT play him in the outfield since he is a BAD outfielder and instead plug him in at an infeild position that can use an actual warm body capable of producing a multi-hit game? Hmmmm… LIKE FIRST BASE? But we can’t embarrass the GM any further by benching a 220 all or nothing hitter like Pena for someone that can at least put the bat on the ball.

Dewitt is in left to remind us how good we have it with Soriano

That’s a good one Jblack, you’re funny! Hey, loved your work in “School of Rock”…You are THAT J. Black…right? 🙂 Actually, I’ll take DeWitt over Soriano.

In fairness, DeWitt is batting well at the moment. The issue is he should be playing third base instead of the fat and lethargic waste of space – Ramirez.

Ramirez has had plent of Runners to Bat in with Fukupdome, Barney and Castro getting on base but the though only thing he seems to be able to clean-up is his own plate and any left-overs. This man is a disgrace he is so fat – Fielder may be rotund, but at least he gives a sh** and gives his all.

Of course Ramirez won’t waive his no-trade clause – he is scared another team will make him run.

In fairness as well, I mentioned DeWitt replacing Pena at first because at least Ramirez is “batting well at the moment”. If you’re basing who should play according to who is batting well then Pena (even though he is not fat and lethargic) is STILL batting well below Ramirez’s BA. Just saying…I think both Ramirez and Pena should be sitting the bench if not released. Do you think Hendry is really happy that he paid Pena TEN MILLION dollars to bat in the middle of the order just to get WALKS? a TEN MILLION dollar walking machine. Brilliant Hendry, just brilliant. Yes, DeWittl should play ahead of Soriano, Ramirez and Pena but for crying out loud if Quade doesn’t think his rookie OUTFIELDERS should be evaluted in the major leauges then shouldn’t he thnk that a veteran SECOND BASEMAN shouldn’t have ON THE JOB OUTFIELD TRAINING in the major leauges? Don’t we need people to catch the dang ball out there? DeWitt belongs at 3B or 1B. Playing him in LF is just counterproductive to the defense of the team and the progression of a rookie OUTFEILDER. Of course this is all a moot point….all players we’re talking about are nothing to write home about.

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