6/7 Extra bases

Tyler Colvin is 0-for-31 in his last 14 games and has not had a hit in the big leagues since he singled in the seventh inning on April 28 in Arizona.  He’s not panicked. He isn’t changing his stance or grip. The problem isn’t physical.

“It’s one of those things where I don’t have to hit the ball 800 feet and that’s what was in my head early in the year,” Colvin said Tuesday. “I had 20 homers [last year] and I was thinking I’m going to get them all in the first month and you’re not.

“Last year, I hit line drives and sometimes they went out,” he said. “It took me awhile to see that and now I’m hitting balls hard and I can’t find a hole. They’ll start falling. I’m not worried about it.”

* Kosuke Fukudome’s .417 on-base percentage is keeping him in the leadoff spot although Mike Quade said he considered inserting Tony Campana on Tuesday to try and get the offense going. The catch is that if Fukudome is dropped, he’ll be expected to drive in runs and that, Quade says, has not been his forte.

* Marlon Byrd hopes to be taking batting practice on the field Sunday or Monday. Byrd is recovering from multiple facial fractures suffered when he was hit by a pitch on May 21 in Boston.

— Carrie Muskat

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Such big words from Quade…”Forte”…hmmmm let’s get the dictionary out AND HAND IT TO HENDRY SO THE FOOL CAN FIGURE OUT WHAT THE “FORTE” IS OF THE NEXT FREE AGENT HE SIGNS. Even Quade can have a slip of the tongue and get zinger in at Hendry. So Fukodome is not an RBI guy? REALLY? WHO IS ON THIS TEAM?

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