6/8 Lineup vs. Reds

Starlin Castro got Wednesday off, and was not in the Cubs starting lineup in the series finale against the Reds. Here’s the lineup as the Cubs try to snap an eight-game losing streak:

RF Fukudome

SS Barney

2B DeWitt

1B Pena

3B Ramirez

LF Snyder

CF Campana

C Hill

P Dempster

— Carrie Muskat


worst lineup in the MLB…. yeahhh!!!! what a joy it is to watch the cubs…… not!

Holy Crap! Quade is now reduced to having the Mighty Pena batting clean up?
And Blake “Ty Cobb” DeWitt as a number 3 hitter??? Awesome! Maybe Quade is smarter than we think and is SLOWLY BUT SURELY exposing Hendry for the bumbling fool he is by trotting out such a horrid line up! Woo Hoo! Go Quade! I understand DeWitt is hitting the ball but to have HIM as a number three hitter? Who would have ever thought THAT? It’s got to be a conspiracy to launch Henry…ritght? The sooner the the better too!!!! There are more holes in this roster than in all the Swiss cheese in Switzerland!

BENCH Ramirez !
BENCH Ramirez !
He is either hurt or he has an attitude problem.
Either one he needs to HEAL
Went to Great American Ballpark to see my Cubs, and he didn’t even run out ground balls
The Reds broadcasters & media were making fun of him.
What example is that for little leagers?
Been a Cubs fan for 62 years & and have seen very few ballplayers act like that.

Ramirez has not showed up in three years Why bench him now He make more money that anyone we can replace him with so he plays .
Thats the Hendry way
But maybe when that superstar Jeff Baker comes of the DL ….. oh wait

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