6/9 Extra bases

By the time this 10-game, three-city road trip is over, the Cubs will have faced four 20-game winners. Add St. Louis’ Chris Carpenter to the list of three Phillies, Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee and Roy Oswalt.

“You respect them but you don’t get intimidated by them,” Mike Quade said. “I think you just show up at the ballpark expecting it to be a [heck] of a battle, [heck] of a challenge and see if you can’t make the most out of it.”

One thing the Cubs can’t afford to do is make mistakes.

“You realize you better play good baseball and not give up extra outs against pitching like this,” he said.

* Ryan Dempster had no problems Thursday with his right hip, which was sore during warmups on Wednesday and nearly forced him to be a late scratch. He’s expected to make his next start Monday against the Brewers.

* Who would you pick as the Cubs’ All-Star this year? How about Sean Marshall. The left-handed reliever has a 1.03 ERA and has not given up a run since May 13. “I haven’t personally seen anybody I’d rather have in that role,” Quade said of Marshall.

* WGN Radio’s Pat Hughes was back in the booth Thursday after missing one game. No DL time is necessary, which is good news.

— Carrie Muskat

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