6/10 Johnson, Baker on Big Z

Reed Johnson and Jeff Baker began their rehab assignments at Triple-A Iowa on Thursday, and both went 0-for-2 before rain suspended play. If all goes well, they could be activated Monday when the Cubs begin a homestand against the Brewers. Alfonso Soriano, sidelined with a strained left quad, was to begin his rehab assignment at Iowa on Sunday.

Johnson and Baker were asked about Carlos Zambrano’s recent comments regarding the Cubs’ play, saying the team was “embarrassing.”

“We do need to play better,” Johnson told the Des Moines Register. ““We have to play better fundamental baseball, whether that’s taking extra quality ground balls, or early batting practice to work on situational things. Teams smell blood, especially teams in our division when they’re playing us. They’re drooling. They know we’re not playing very well, and they want to jump on top of us and make sure we don’t get up.”
As for Baker, he said Zambrano was entitled to his opinion.

“He’s frustrated, and the bottom line is that he wants us to play well,” Baker said. “The whole team wants to play well.”
— Carrie Muskat


Sounds to me like Johnson let the cat out of the bag about the teams practice habits…not enough evidently. Telling, very telling. I hope somebody told Soriano to take his time? Really.

This on MLB Trade Rumors today:

•Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports wonders how long A’s GM Billy Beane will want to remain in Oakland and points out that the Cubs and Astros could be looking for new leadership before long. Beane would be a “leading candidate” for any GM job if he were not in Oakland

Woo Hoo!!! The rumors are beginning….could be just a matter of time now!!!

All my things that can be crossed are…

When the sackings start let us hope the include Kenney, Hendry, Riggins and Quade.

Over the last week Quade has proven himself to be as delusional as Ricketts… why has Campana not started regularly in the outfield, why has Ramirez started full stop with DeWitt capable of at least equalling his production and giving more competent defense.

Out with the old and in with the new – all I want is to have a roster with 25guys trying their hardest.

Yesterday with the game on the line in the 8th Ramirez proved what a cancer he is. He looked more like Zorro wafting his sword than a competent baseball player in mind and body. I suppose he couldn’t wait to get to his post game Donuts. Fat lethargic overpaid pathetic waste of space.

I hear ya Hustle… who really thinks the Cubs are better off with DeWitt (an infielder) in LF, Colvin (or CORNER outfielder) in CF and Ramirez (an over the hill non-productive player) at 3B rather than Colvin in LF, Campana in CF, and DeWitt at 3B? You lose no offense because Colvin will still struggle at the plate whether playing in LF or CF, DeWitt will hit and get on base better than Ramirez and Campana can try to leg out some singles AND steal a base….something UNHEARD of on this slow, lethargic club. PLUS you improve defensivley at all three postions, right? If Quade is grasping at straws for players (and granted he really doesn’t have many options…THANKS JIM!) he might as well play the best defensive team since offensive is now out of the question???? Really…WHO exactly is SO good in the outfield that Campana is sitting AT ALL? I am not rallying for the likes of Campana or DeWitt as the “go to” guys, I am just rallying for the better options to be the starters. And then there’s 1B….

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