6/12 Dirty laundry

Heading into the final game of this long, three-city, 10-game trip on Sunday, let’s recap:

* The Cubs are 2-7 in the nine games so far, with Ryan Dempster the only starter to pick up a win on June 8 vs. the Reds. Sean Marshall got the other win in relief on June 9 vs. the Phillies.

* They’ve left 68 runners on base (an average of 7.5 per game), scored 25 runs (average 2.7 per game), and made eight errors. They’ve out-hit their opponents, 78-75, but have been outscored, 48-25. And the pitchers have a combined 5.13 ERA (48 runs, 80 2/3 innings).

* Blake DeWitt has gone 11-for-35 (.314) while Carlos Pena is 7-for-33 (.212), Aramis Ramirez 7-for-29 (.241), Starlin Castro 8-for-35 (.229) and Darwin Barney 10-for-39 (.256).

* They’ve played three extra-inning games, faced three 20-game winners so far (with a fourth, Roy Oswalt on Sunday) and began the road trip eight games back in the National League Central. Now, they’re 11 1/2 games behind.

* The good news? Nobody had to go on the disabled list this week. The bad? Reed Johnson was hit in the helmet by a pitch on Saturday during his rehab outing. A team official said Sunday Johnson was OK, and expected in Chicago on Monday along with Jeff Baker.

— Carrie Muskat


Regarding the pathetic run production and batting averages of our two “middle of the order thumpers” (yeah, right.) Ramirez and Pena who are both as of now proven to be just wasting chances for other playes at those positons, other manages would have benched them. Although I am not a DeWitt backe (especially as an OUTFIELDER, duh.) he has proven to be a slightly better HITTER than Ramirez and a much better HITTER than Painya and should be awarded a run of starts at either positon. Quade must be caught up in Painya’s ability to hit an occassional homerun and take that much sought after WALK in an RBI spot in the order. Pathetic all the way around. Why are we not mentioning the rest of the lineup in this “recap”? Isn’t Soto’s and Hill’s numbers just as important when it comes to reminding us fans and the world how bad this team is and what a HORSESH…OE JOB HENDRY HAS DONE. You forgot one more for “bad news” which is despite such a poorly assemble team and organizational roster and other GM’s and managers getting the boot….Hendry has yet to be fired.

Joey we are never going to agree on Pena… he is way over priced at $10m, but at least it looks like is trying his hardest.

It was lunacy to give him $10m, but that is what this Horsesa*** of a GM does.

We knew his average was going to be low, but his defence has already saved 15runs from Castro’s wild arm and he leads us with 30RBI – over a season he will get to 90RBI… not fantastic, but at least better than the tub of Lard at 3rd base. And a winner rather than a whinger.

I would happily release Lardy Ramirez and replace him with DeWitt so he can build up some value.

As for Soto, time to start shopping him. He will never hit the heights of his rookie year again but may get something. Over time, Castillo and Clevenger will give us as much if not more – and especially now Soto’s arm is slowing down.

No we never will agree on Painya because although he is a good feilder he is not an execellent fielder. I have seen plenty of plays that Grace and Lee (both excellent fielders) would have made that Painya doesn’t. But my biggest gripe admittedly stems from my disdain for Hendry and the way he WASTES money and roster spots. Painya is just another half-witted attempt of looking like he his doing his job. 90 RBI this season? I agree with THAT at least, it could be considered a good total from such a weak hitter. But he certainly isn’t the guy you want batting cleanup or fifth with the game on the line knowing he would be just as pleased “working” a walk as getting a KEY BASE HIT TO DRIVE IN A FRIGGIN’ RUN ONCE IN A WHILE. What GM goes out and pays this kind of money to such an “average” at best run producer? Hendry, that’s who because his poor performance throughout his tenure continually puts him in a pressure if not panic situation when he realizes…”oh crap, we have NOT ONE WARM BODY IN THE SYSTEM TO STICK AT 1B? I BETTER GO OUT FISHING AGAIN AND OVERPAY ANYBODY SO IT LOOKS LIKE I DID SOMETHING” Thank goodness Painya, Ramirez & Fukodome will be gone next year, even Hendry couldn’t screw that up….???

Ok so lets make everyone happy. Lets get a couple of smart baseball people to take the Cubbies forward. Steve Stone will make a great GM. Bob Brenly will make a great manager. The problem is the Ricketts look to much like the Wrigleys. They want the fans to support the lovable losers, yes that what being a Cub fan is all about. The mystic of waiting until next year, while the stands are full and the consessions are making money. Boycott Cub fans and you could push the Ricketts. Keep supporting the lovable losers and you’ll keep geting more and more of losing. Cub fans if you want a winner quit supporting this franchise!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Yeah did I mention get Steve Stone as GM and Bob Brenly as manager.
Sick and tired of losing…………..Cub fan

The Cubs change hitting coaches and some players are still making outs swinging at the first pitch.The Cubbies change pitching coaches and the pitch counts are still way to high.On a brighter note I see that Mike Quade is trying to play small ball and manufacture runs, but he doesn’t have enough pieces to do this .Its hard to watch the loses pile up but until some of the contracts expire and the Cubs bring in players that will be productive I think this trend will continue. It not the worse thing if the Cubbies draft high next June and stock their farm system. If Jim Hendry is to attached to some players to upgrade their positions, then something needs to done.
Ron Z.

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