6/12 There’s no place like home

Will Wrigley Field be the friendly confines Monday night when the Cubs return home after a 2-8 road trip?

“I can’t concern myself with that,” Mike Quade said Sunday. “I concern myself with the club. I hope [the fans] come out and support us. We need it. We haven’t laid down. But people want you to win. We’re struggling right now. Peope will come out, but ultimately, if you wind up showing up at the ballpark concerned about [fan support] and not about your own game and what we’re trying to get accomplished here, then you’ve really got a problem.

“Cubs fans have always been good people and good fans,” he said. “Hopefully, they’ll support us right now. I think they will.”

Doug Davis has been around long enough to know the manager is the one who is the focus of fans’ frustration.

“He obviously doesn’t throw anybody under the bus and he takes a lot of heat,” Davis said of Quade. “I think any manager in the position he’s in and the way we’ve been playing and losing a lot of games will take a lot of heat, no matter where you are. He can only do so much. It’s our responsibility to go out and win ballgames.”

— Carrie Muskat


time to throw Hendry under the bus….

Join the back of the queue to drive the bus that runs the idiot over… I just hope whoever is driving reverses to make sure!

Ricketts is now painted in a corner, joining Hendry who perfected corner painting. If Ricketts thinks his GM has done a good job with both the major and minor league roster then obviously he must think that Quade is doing a bad job, hence the abysmal record. If Riketts think Quade IS doing a good job then obviously the roster talent is failing Quade which leads to Hendry doing a bad job. What’s a novice owner like Ricketts to do? Continue looking threw rose colored glasses while swigging the Cubbie Kookaid? Uh….no, how about he shows some OWNERSHIP MUSCLE AND STONES and fire BOTH the woeful Hendry AND the over matched Quade!!! How about THAT? THAT may save what’s left of this season’s attendance.

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