6/21 Cubs Inbox

The Inbox will return Thursday, June 23. Got a question about the Cubs? Send it to cubsinbox@gmail.com. Let’s avoid questions about Alfonso Soriano playing second base (it’s not happening).

— Carrie Muskat


Him “playing” left field is not happening as well.

I know it’s hard not to try and go after pujols or fielder next season but i think carlos pena could be a great fit for the cubs and a great leader if he could only get that average up but his glove in the field is amazing and u need that with castro and ramirez over there even though this is ramirez’ last year.

How about questions about why the GM still has a job after plundering another sky high payroll for bottom feeding performances?

Pena is not a good idea going forward… especially at 10 mill per year… good grief was that Pena himself making a post? haha

Hustle and petrey, you both nailed it. Pena’s glove alone is not worth “making room” on the roster for him or wasting further payroll. My God, Justin, do you realize he can’t hit lefties at all? I know you probably fell in love with his homer vs. Buehrle but I believe that was just his 4th or 5th hit of the season vs. a lefty. If a glove at 1B is that important at least hit like Mark Grace. I’d rather have a .290 to .300 hitter with 10-12 homers than another “all or nothing” hitter like Pena. We have THAT in LF thanks to Hendry.

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