6/21 Cubs lineup

Mike Quade said he was going to have Aramis Ramirez be the DH on Tuesday but changed his mind. Jeff Baker gets the DH duties on Tuesday for Game 2 against the White Sox, and Ramirez will start at third base. Here’s the lineup against Mark Buerhle and their numbers vs. the White Sox lefty:

CF Johnson (10-for-27, .370)

SS Castro (0-for-3)

DH Baker (1-for-3)

3B Ramirez (3-for-13, .231)

C Soto (2-for-8)

LF Soriano (7-for-35, .200)

1B Pena (11-for-41, .268)

RF Montanez (never faced)

2B LeMahieu (never faced)

— Carrie Muskat

1 Comment

I new this rookie, intimidated manager would be unable to sit Pena vs. the lefthanded Buerhle after hittiing the game winnind homer last night. If Pena didn’t hit that homer? He’s on the bench, no doubt as Quade has done that before. But as in line with the Hendry way of doing things Pena gets rewarded for a PAST performance just like Hendry paid Soriano for all the years with the Yanks and Texas and the ONE year with the Nationals. Oh well, at this point it no longer matters whether or not Pena sits, Soriano drops balls, Fukodome drives in a yearly total of 20 runs….it’s obvious Hendry is not leaving this year so there is nothing left of this season to look forwad to.
Unless one believes in divine intervention, the only way the Cubs can improve.

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