6/21 Ozzie picks Cubs in Central

Ozzie Guillen certainly likes what he sees of the Cubs and thinks there’s potential for the team to win the NL Central.

“I look at their lineup yesterday,” said Guillen, who then paused for effect, “and I think they have a chance to win the division. Look at the lineup. I don’t follow them, but look at that lineup. That lineup is pretty good. You see a lot of guys .280, .284, .270, around there.

“If those guys get hot at the same time, they’re going to be dangerous,” he said. “They’re going to compete because I think the lineup is good enough. Now it’s a little hotter here, and I hope that helps them. But that lineup is pretty good. Talk about man-by-man, that’s a pretty strong lineup. When they get Marlon Byrd back, that lineup’s going to be better.”

And Mike Quade’s response?

“There’s a lot of things we have to get straightened out,” the Cubs manager said. “Our pitching hasn’t been what we thought it would be. I think this lineup will be OK as the summer goes along. I still think we’re a club like most clubs that need solid pitching. We like the back end of our bullpen, especially when we get [Kerry Wood] back, and our starters are starting to do what we expect them to do to give us an opportunity to win every day.

“There’s a lot of things that can turn around and if we can stay healthy, you can turn things around very quickly. Whether Ozzie’s handicapping or not, that’s what I’m hoping for.”

— Carrie Muskat



gotta be kidding…

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this team sucks ozzie…. ur an idiot…. it would have been better to say the whole division sucks but someone has to win it… If we can’t get one of our SP under 3.80 ERA we are screwed… trade Z or restructure Dempster so we can go after CJ Wilson!!!!!!!!!

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Ozzie is crazy like El Zorro! Too funny. Quade’s “ringing endorsement” of our pitching not being as “they” thought it would be and a line up that will be “o.k.” speaks volumes about how he goes about covering his job. No team gets to the World Series with a staff like this and an “o.k.” line up.
Besides, even when healthy this line up is…only…healthy.

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