6/22 Cubs lineup

Aramis Ramirez is the designated hitter for the Cubs’ series finale against the White Sox on Wednesday. Doug Davis will be on the mound, going for his second win with the Cubs. Kosuke Fukudome is leading off. His .397 on-base percentage is the highest OBP for any leadoff hitter in baseball. Here’s the lineup:

RF Fukudome

SS Castro

DH Ramirez

1B Pena

CF Johnson

LF Soriano

2B DeWitt

3B Baker

C Hill

— Carrie Muskat

1 Comment

Gee, who would have thought that Hill being in the line up would be counter productive? EVERYBODY BUT QUADE, that’s who. A manager leaves his weakest hitter to try to drive in a tying run? REALLY? Quade actually thought the odds were with Hill to even make contact let alone a base hit or a sac fly. Hill strikes out and leaves the hustling Campana at 3B. PATHETIC. that move alone should get the Great FundaMENTAL Quade fired. Was Soto unavailable? Even so, STILL pinch hit for HIll and put in the 3rd string EMERGENCY catcher whover that would HAVE to be. WHAT emergency is Quade waiting for? This is a perfect example for all you “leave Castillo in the minors to get AB’s” people to WAKE UP. Castillo SPLITTING time with the NOT GREAT Soto improves this team hands down and will still get Castillo enough at bats to progress as a major leaguer. Castillo in that circumstance instead of HIll may very well have struck out too BUT the chances of him NOT striking out or hitting a damn fly ball for an RBI are much greater than Hill’s chances. Rickett’s needs to find a pulse at the end of the season if not sooner and launch Hendry, Quade and half the team.

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