6/22 Soriano: The fans here are good

Alfonso Soriano has heard his share of boos since coming to Chicago in 2007, just as White Sox slugger Adam Dunn is hearing now. That doesn’t mean Soriano doesn’t like the fans. In a story in the Chicago Sun-Times, Soriano was quoted as saying Chicago fans are the “worst” in baseball. On Wednesday, Soriano denied saying that.

“I think it was a misunderstanding,” Soriano said of his comments. “The fans here are good. At the same time, if you’re going bad, they boo. If you’re doing good, they clap for you. It’s not about the fans. Here, everywhere, Cincinnati, St. Louis, any ballpark that you go to, if you’re not doing good, what are they going to do? They’ll boo you. It’s not like they’re the worst fans in the world.”

So, he didn’t mean that?

“No,” Soriano said. “I feel sorry for Adam Dunn because he’s a great player. I feel sorry for him because every time he goes to home plate and he doesn’t do his job, they boo you. I understand, every player understands that he’s not doing good. The fans, they let us know if they’re not happy. If he hits a homer, the fans will clap.

“I don’t know why [the reporter] tried to say that I don’t like the fans in Chicago,” Soriano said. “I enjoy playing in Chicago and I enjoy playing for the fans in Chicago.”

— Carrie Muskat


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We boo Soriano because he is a big UNDERACHEIVER, not because we dislike him. he is NOT a good fielder, NOT a good hitter, NOT a good base runner. he IS a good occassional homerun hitter and that just doesn’t cut it anymore for us SHARP fans. It has nothing to do with the money he “earns”. Get real. The comment that he thinks Dunn is a GREAT PLAYER speaks volumes.
Dunn is his idea of a GREAT PLAYER? No wonder Soriano plays as he does. He is now back-peddling with us fans to get back on our good side to gain empathy? For crying out loud, if it wasn’t for Hendry and his God awful contract with Soriano this wouldn’t even be a topic. The topic IS the contract(s) Hendry has penned. Soriano says he enjoys playing for us fans…as if he is doing us a favor or entertaining us? Come on.

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