6/29 Marmol: “I don’t want that win”

When Ryan Dempster started the ninth inning Wednesday, he had not thrown 90 pitches. He had a shutout and had held the Giants to two hits. Mike Quade had decided before the inning started that if Dempster walked the first batter or gave up an extra-base hit, he was going to pull him. And he did. Pinch-hitter Pat Burrell doubled to lead off the ninth and Dempster was pulled. Carlos Marmol then gave up a the tying rn. The Cubs rallied to win, 2-1, on Aramis Ramirez’s pinch-hit RBI single.

“A great win, but man, oh, man, the job Dempster did,” Quade said of the right-hander, who threw 83 pitches. “Did he make 90 pitches? I don’t think so. I wanted to give him a shot but a walk or an extra base hit in that situation and I think I have to get Marmol in the game. A single, and we let him try to pitch through at least another hitter. That’s what ‘Marm’ does. Ramy was nice and relaxed after a day off so that worked out pretty good, too.”

Didn’t Dempster argue? Yes, Quade said.

“It’s a whole different animal if the pitch count is higher than that,” Quade said. “He wants to finish the thing and I want to bring in a guy who is there regularly and deep down I don’t want him losing that game, in spite of the pitch count and everything else. He didn’t get a win but it’s not going to take away from that performance.”

Marmol ended up with the win.

“You don’t want to win that way,” Marmol said. “I want to get three outs. Dempster did a nice job. I feel bad for him. He deserves the win. I don’t want that win. I want to give it to Dempster.”

— Carrie Muskat


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