6/30 Cubs lineup

Blake DeWitt is starting in left field in the Cubs’ series finale against the Giants. Here’s the lineup:

RF Fukudome

2B Barney

SS Castro

3B Ramirez

1B Pena

LF DeWitt

CF Campana

C Hill

P Zambrano

— Carrie Muskat


So…Hendry has decimated the roster so badly that his lap dog manager is now back to playing a middle infielder in LF? Well, DeWitt may actually be better defensively than Soriano but come on….is that saying much? Playing DeWitt just because Hendry acquired him from the Dodgers seems to be a ploy at kissing up.
OMG, get us to 2012 when we may have some hope of a new GM WITH A PLAN.

Am I the only person to notice that Castro doesn’t hit when he’s batting 3rd?? Zero hits lastnight & he slumped the last go-round batting 3rd ..its no coincidence that Castro has been on fire offensively as of late batting 1st or 2nd ..i dont know his exact stats batting 3rd but i do know he’s not a capable run producer yet. Am I wrong Ms. Muskat?? For the record I live in Indianapolis & watch Every game (except wciu games) via CSN on At&t Uverse so i think im an unofficial coach potatoe expert when it comes to on the field play of the Cubs.

Castro is batting .369 (31-for-84) in the leadoff spot; .370 (34-for-92) in the No. 2 spot; and .230 (35-for-152) in the No. 3 spot. Yes, he does seem better suited for 1-2 in the batting order.

If only Jike Quandry would read Mustat’s posts. Having the young Castro bat in the three hole is proof that Hendry has FAILED. A few things that Quade can escape some criticism for is trying Castro in the three hole because THERE IS NO LEGIT 3 HITTER ON THE ROSTER.

When Byrd comes back, he’ll be back in the No. 3 spot. It’ll be interesting to see what Quade does with Castro then. Good question for Friday pre game

thank you so much ms.Muskat for the reply ..im loyal follower of yours & the Cubs

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