7/1 One at a time

The Cubs lost the first meeting between the intracity teams and hope to redeem themselves this weekend.

“They took two out of three from us and I’d like to return the favor,” Mike Quade said. “Any time it’s Sox-Cubs, Cubs-Cardinals, maybe Cubs-Brewers, those clubs we’re closest to in a rivalry, I think there’s a little extra [incentive]. You know you’ll have a big crowd and a good crowd and a somewhat rabid crowd. I think that’s fun.”

The Cubs also are trying to win their third in a row for the first time this season. They are the only Major League to not do so.

“The funny thing is, OK, let’s win two and lose one the entire year and play .666 baseball and the rest will be wonderful,” Quade said. “It’s a game of streaks in many ways. The funniest thing about the deal is I’ll take two wins and a loss the entire year and live happily ever after. We’d like to get three, four, five. We’d like to come out and play well first.”

He’s not thinking about winning three in a row. Just one at a time. 
“If we win today, we’ll try to win tomorrow,” Quade said. “If we can do that for five, six days then that’s a heck of a run.”

— Carrie Muskat


As long as the Cubs’ manager keeps the starting pitcher in the game one or two
batters too long, the Cubs will continue to fail! Quade has to be the worst manager
in the major leagues in this respect!

Hendry overevaluated Quade as he did Soriano, Bradley, Fukodome etc, etc, etc,

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