7/3 Focus of attention

Mike Quade has had a tough couple days. On Friday, he shouldered the blame for leaving Randy Wells in the game too long. On Saturday, he was ejected in the second inning after arguing a call.

“I’d rather [the attention] be on Ozzie,” Quade said Sunday. “I watched eight innings from my office yesterday. I didn’t like the call, don’t need to be getting rung any more.

“I was really disappointed — that was a huge  play in the game that early,” he said of Saturday’s phantom tag by Gordon Beckham. “I want the focus on my guys. If Ozzie wants the spotlight and wants to kick a mask or two, let him do that. I was upset yesterday at a call, so you wind up being in the midle of something. The day befor I was disappointed in a decision I made and I’m not shying away from that either. Let’s hope the nine guys are in the spotlight today.”

— Carrie Muskat

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What a mature, level headed manager, says all the “scripted” comments… PERFECT FOR HENDRY.

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