7/6 Q: “I’m hardest on Mike Quade”

Being a big league manager means you’re going to be second guessed, and the way Mike Quade has handled Cubs’ pitching has been questioned by fans.

“I don’t know what the heat is, or what the [fan] conversation is,” Quade said Tuesday. “You do everything you can to try and keep us close, or keep us in games. We’ve had a lot of those the last week or two, where it’s a tie game in the seventh or eighth. “To be honest, I’ve been real happy … with the way this bullpen has been managed. I don’t think we’ve hurt anybody. I don’t think we’ve asked too much of anybody.”

On Monday, Jayson Werth stole third on Carlos Marmol’s first pitch in the 10th. Quade said he told Marmol to “go get these two guys,” meaning the hitters. Marmol ignored Werth. The winning run scored on a wild pitch.

“[Marmol] was probably was so geared to the hitter that Werth was not anywhere on his mind at all,” Quade said.

Quade is tough on himself.

“I’m the hardest guy on Mike Quade in the world,” he said. “I would rather explain myself, if need be, than to just sit back [and say], ‘Well, I don’t talk about this, this is what I do.’ I’m not that arrogant. If I don’t have a reason for doing something when you ask me a question, then I’m in trouble.

“I’ve been doing this for awhile, and so I’m proud of quite a bit of what I do,” he said. “If people don’t like or don’t know about it, then ask. That’s OK. We can talk for hours.”

— Carrie Muskat

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All his pride, happiness and honesty is wearing thin. A lot of one run ball games are being lost while this guy and his feeble GM skate. Make a statement Mike on how committed you are to WELL PLAYED baseball and bench Soriano who no longer runs the bases well but now is no longer running in the outfield nor does he know (or care?) how to position himself to stay in a play (backing up throws etc.). Quade “prides” himself on talking to Castro (and some younger players) but will he give the “talk” to veterans that NO LONGER STAY “IN THE GAME”???? Play only the players that can contribute to winning a ball game with their entire game not just wishing for an occassional home run then proclaim that player “productive. Soriano and Fukodome are now more counter-productive to the this clubs well being than ever. Sure, they may rarely contribute to an occassional victory….for a dead team.

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