7/10 Peace on earth

Mike Quade said Sunday he planned to chat with pitcher Ryan Dempster at some point but didn’t feel the two needed an arbitrator. The two had a very public disagreement in the dugout when the manager told the pitcher he was finished on Saturday after five innings against the Pirates.

“I kind of chuckle because it brought me back to the day in Washington,” Quade said of Dempster’s start last August when he pulled the right-hander after 79 pitches over seven scoreless innings against the Nationals. That game came in Quade’s first series at the helm after taking over the Cubs for Lou Piniella.

“You make decisions and do what you have to do, right or wrong, and sometimes disagreements happen,” Quade said. “I still have to do what I think is right and sometimes it hurts and sometimes it’s not fun. Sometimes it doesn’t work. You respect the heck out of everybody but ultimately you have to do what you think is right for 24 and not necessarily one, and last night, I thought it was time to go to the bullpen.”

And Quade didn’t have any second thoughts after sleeping on his decision.

“[Dempster] has been pretty darn good for the last four, five weeks,” Quade said. “Coming off an injury and everything else, I’d do the same thing today. Hopefully, it wouldn’t be handled quite the way it was.”

Dempster tried to diffuse any tension after Saturday’s game, saying he was irritable because his back problems had made it impossible for him to play golf at the nearby Oakmont course.

— Carrie Muskat

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