7/14 Marmol still Cubs closer

Carlos Marmol couldn’t get his control of his slider Thursday night in the ninth against the Marlins, and it showed. The Cubs closer walked four and gave up one hit and all five runners scored in a six-run ninth as the Marlins posted a 6-3 come from behind win.

“That was pretty bad,” Mike Quade said. “That was as bad as I’ve seen him. Still, you feel he has a chance to pull it together but not tonight.

“We’ve got to find a way to finish a game like that,” he said. “Marm’s the guy, and has been the guy and needs to be the guy. He’ll be better.”

What happened?

“I couldn’t throw strikes,” said Marmol, who threw 25 pitches, seven for strikes. “When you don’t throw strikes, you don’t get people out.”

He didn’t use the All-Star break as an excuse.

“I don’t make excuses,” Marmol said. “I couldn’t throw strikes.”

This is the first time Marmol has walked four batters in an outing since July 17, 2010, vs. the Phillies. The five runs are the most off him since he gave up six May 31 against the Astros. It’s the sixth time he’s failed to record an out and second time this season.

Would Quade contemplate using someone else as the Cubs closer?

“Not right now,” Quade said. “You take something like this and try to figure out how to fix it. We’re not going to be any good without [Marmol, Kerry Wood and Sean Marshall]. This is not the time or place to be making all sorts of bold statements about changes. We have to figure [Marmol] out and get him right.”

— Carrie Muskat


You’re not any good anyway. From a lifelong cubs fan…

“Marm?” Will someone PLEASE shut Mike Quade up?

Now is 4 months overdue for Quade to realise his waterwings are not enough to keep his head above water.

Keep Garza, Castro, Barney, Pena, Johnson and blow up the rest of this cancerous franchise.

We need to get rid of the tumorous and lazy senior players before their habits rub off on those coming through. Give me a hard working Pena over wobbly Ramirez any day of the week.

The only way Ramirez would run for a ball was if it were wrapped in a Dunkin Donuts free meal voucher. Ramirez has so many chins they will need to designate them their own zip code.

All I want is to see players who care – just as happended in San Diego tonight where S/F dug deep to get a win with a far less talented team than ours.

Lopez walks the first player in bottom of the 12th, Brochy is straight on to the bullpen. Marmol walks the first, Quade repositions his hat.

How bad do Quade and Riggins have to be to get sacked?

I’m posting this here because I can never find your mailbag.

Why is this even being questioned? No one complained last season when Marmol was walking people and still striking out the side. He hasn’t all of a sudden just lost it. This is baseball. Everyone except Pujols goes into a slump.

Having said that, the Cubs should trade Marmol. What good is a closer on a team that will be losing the rest of this year and the foreseeable future? I’m willing to bet that a GM would love to acquire Marmol. He may have the nastiest stuff in all of baseball.

Something needs to be done about the rest of the system also. Situational hitting has been non-existent since I can remember. This has to be due to the philosophy that is taught to the players moving up. When the Cubs have a runner on 3rd with less than 2 outs I just laugh. Or when there is a guy on 2nd with no outs and they can’t hit the ball to the right side.

Has anyone noticed that all of our pitchers, with the exception of Marshall, have taken a step backwards this year. I think that Riggins is proving he is not up to the job. I am surprised he still has a job.

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“Qua” (we have to shorten his name as he does it for ALL his players) seems to be dillusional. Time for a reality check as he and Hendry ARE the problem needing fixing. Addition by subtraction. Cubs less Quade/Hendry = better team.

perhaps its time to add another pitch for marmol. the slider and fastball might be unpredictable to the batters, but a third would be helpful in case one or both the other pitches aren’t working

When Marmol’s on with his slider, he’s very, very good and unhittable. He doesn’t need another pitch. He needs to get his trademark pitch fixed and go with that

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