7/15 Marmol gets pep talk

Mike Quade planned to talk to Carlos Marmol Friday to try and get his closer back on track after Thursday’s implosion. Marmol failed to retire a batter as he walked four and gave up a hit. All five baserunners scored in the ninth in the Marlins’ 6-3 come from behind win.

“There’s mechanical work to be done when you go through a situation like this,” Quade said. “The last time I saw him really, really sharp was against the White Sox. We need to talk about that and see where we’re at today.”

That Interleague game against the White Sox was July 3, and the last time Marmol struck anyone out. In five outings since, he’s walked six, given up three hits and seven runs.

Sean Marshall or Kerry Wood may be asked to close a game if Quade decides Marmol needs a breather. Would he go to his closer Friday?

“I don’t know,” Quade said. “We’ll find out. I want to talk to my pitching people and talk to him and I want to see where we’re at.”

This month, Marmol has a 17.18 ERA, giving up seven runs on three hits and six walks over 3 2/3 innings. In June, he had a 0.60 ERA, serving up one earned run over 15 innings in 13 games. Is the problem mechanical or mental or both?

“He’s the only one who can determine that,” Quade said.

Geovany Soto has seen Marmol fix himself in a game.

“For him, he falls into rhythms,” Soto said. “He could walk a couple people and then he finds that slot and turns on.

“Everybody is entitled to have a bad day,” Soto said. “It’s part of the job. Marmol is one of the guys who has a short memory and he’s going after it. He’s very professional in his job. He comes in, does his routine every day, good or bad and sticks with it. He finds that [arm] slot, and it’s over.”

— Carrie Muskat

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A pep talk from QUADE?? What’s wrong with this picture? Kind of like General Custer bolstering the confidence of his troops….

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