7/16 Cubs lineup

The Cubs’ lineup for Saturday’s early game against the Marlins is unchanged from Friday — except, obviously, for the starting pitcher. Carlos Zambrano will be making his first start since June 30. He was on the DL because of lower back soreness. Haven’t heard the corresponding roster move, but Chris Carpenter could be sent back to Triple-A Iowa. Here’s the lineup:

RF Fukudome

SS Castro

3B Ramirez

1B Pena

CF Byrd

C Soto

LF Soriano

2B Barney

P Zambrano

— Carrie Muskat

1 Comment

Not to be forgotten is the “10th” Cubs’ player….the opposition’s defense as we are now relying as much on their misques as we are on our offense to score runs. Soriano and his occassional if not rare offensive contributions no longer makes him a vialble source for runs produced. Somebody with enough guts needs to tell him he will be relagated to the bench as well…as useless, no pinch hitting, maybe pinch running for a pitcher but that’s about it. Eat the money, waste the roster spot and maybe he’ll beg off the team. TWO MORE YEARS???

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