7/18 Cubs quote of the day

Aramis Ramirez on the way things have been going for the Cubs:

“It seems like we find a way to lose ballgames,” Ramirez said. “Sometimes I feel like the other team doesn’t beat us, we beat ourselves. You’ve got to stop that. If you want to win ballgames, you’ve got to get it down and be professional. This is the Major Leagues, it’s not a learning experience. You have to get the job done.”

— Carrie Muskat


He’s a genius.

A fat lazy one at that. Of course he doesn’t want to get traded… the pizza won’t be as good as Giordano’s.

Somebody should though tell him that Dunkin’s are nationwide!

I’ve never been one to consider Ramirez fat or lazy, I guess I don’t despise him as much as some. It certainly takes quite a bit of stamina and physical prowess to amass the stats on the back of his basball card. With or without a World Series appeance which is not the issue here it takes some talent and effort to hit and field as Ramirez does. Could he have accomplishe more? We can only guess whether or not his “down time” was genuine or not. With that said he appears not to be quite the hustler other players seem to be but fat and lazy might be too harsh. I would question his (and any multi-millionaire’s) motive for not wanting to go to a contender and using the stability of his family perceives to be lame as anybody with the vast wealth such as Ramirez’s should be able to find a way to accommodate the “family ties” for a few months especially when school is not in session and money is no object. But hey, Hendry put all involved in this situation by over loading Ramirez’s contract with such silly provisions to begin with. Anybody think we’ll see Hendry hand out similar contracts as Ram’s, Soriano’s, Fukodome’s or Zambrano’s again?
Hardly. Besides, IT’S HENDRY REMEMBER so trading Ramirez is a moot point as there is zero confidence in what Hendry would get in return. Do no harm is probably the safest road for Hendry to take at this point if not the road OUTTA HERE.

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