7/20 Hendry looking to the future

Cubs GM Jim Hendry told the Des Moines Register on Tuesday he’s open to making changes to help the team in the future but doesn’t see a need to overhaul the roster.  He was in Des Moines to watch the Triple-A Iowa team play for three games.

“Why would we trade anybody who we think is going to help us next year or the years after?” he said Tuesday.

“I would say if we move anyone it would be somebody we clearly knew wouldn’t be back,” Hendry said. “We’re not going to move people that we think are going to help us.”

 There’s no pressure to dump payroll via trade, he said. Hendry added he already has rejected several potential deals.

“Why would I trade Sean Marshall?” he said. “Why would I trade Darwin Barney? Those calls kind of stop quickly. It makes no sense.”

The GM hasn’t changed his approach this season compared to past seasons. 

“I haven’t changed any since we won 97 games in 2008,” he said. “I’ve worked just as hard.”

— Carrie Muskat 


Why is Hendry “Looking to the future”
Does he have a future with this team
The Cubs need to remove Hendry before the deadline and before he can ruin 2012

WHY Jim???? Because a good, competant, shrewd GM would be open minded to trading Marhsal and or Barney…if the return package JUSTIFIES it. But Hendry can’t think outside the box and would rather sit on his, his, hands…right his hands instead of doing anything remarkable. But that is a moot point no? He is FAR from a remarkable GM and the status quo seems to please him. Marshall and Barney are now deemed “untaouchable? He traded Jae-Kuk-lee (did I get that right?) for Garza and now the shortstop is fast rising with his new team because their GM was open to trading Garza especially for strong, young stud such as Lee? The Garza trade was not a terrible deal by Hendry but NOT THE RIGHT DEAL FOR THIS TEAM AT THIS POINT IN TIME. Hendry’s comment about how “hard” he works is irrelevant if not insulting to us fans, just like Quade’s comments. Who cares how “hard” one works if they are BAD at what they work AT??? Soriano can work as hard as anybody, that won’t make him GOOD.

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