7/20 Q: “Play with some freaking intensity”

Mike Quade was hot after Wednesday’s 9-1 loss to the Phillies and it wasn’t because of the weather. He was upset about Starlin Castro and Darwin Barney failing to catch Michael Martinez’s pop up in the first.

“We set a bad tone there,” Quade said. “A ball’s in the sun, they’re communicating, Cassie thought he had it all the way. I look back at this whole game and look at that play, and the sun’s been in the same [darn] spot for however long Wrigley Field has been here.

“Those are the kind of mistakes — there are certain ones you’ll accept but there are other ones that have to be taken care of,” he said. “Those are two talented kids in the middle of the diamond. We make enough mistakes that we need to clean them all up. It’s so important for those guys to play well in the middle. Everything goes through them, everything. If we’re going to be good pitching, we have to play good in the middle.”

Quade felt Dempster might have escaped the first if the ball had been caught. Instead, Martinez was credited with a single, Dempster walked the next batter and both eventually scored. The Cubs manager talked to both Castro and Barney after the game about the importance of defense. His message?

“Put the negativity behind us, play with some freaking intensity and continue to work on playing the game the way we need to play, and we’re not,” Quade said. “That’s what we’re looking for. It’s not universal. We have to clean up some specific areas.”

He spared the veterans, saying they were doing a darn good job.

“I just know the value of the middle of the diamond,” Quade said. “We have two talented kids there who need to get better. They’ve got 60-some games to prove that and to show that the rest of this season and go on from there.”

Barney said he wasn’t surprised that Quade was upset.

“I’m surprised it hasn’t happened earlier to be honest,” the second baseman said. “When it comes down to it, you’ve got to play better. We’re playing the best team in baseball. We want to be the best team in baseball and we’ve said many times we believe we can be. I guess it’s time to take a gut check and try to get better and come out and work hard in BP and get quality ground balls and turn this thing around. It’s not going to happen overnight.”

Barney didn’t want to comment on the play specifically. Quade did say the two communicated, and Castro thought he had it. The problem isn’t lack of experience.

“We’re here for a reason,” Barney said. “You don’t come to the big league level and have the excuse of being inexperienced. You have to get the job done. The way I look at it, Starlin’s 21 and I’m 25. If he wasn’t ready and he didn’t have what it takes, he wouldn’t be here and neither would I. We’ve got to do it, we’ve got to get the job done and we’ve got to get better.”

— Carrie Muskat


The real disappointment is they couldn’t count on the guy Quade chose as his Opening Day starter to deliver a series victory. Quade is over his head! That play was ruled a hit; even the official scorer understood the strong sun. Barney & Castro have no choice but to be diplomatic because their manager loves using them as scape goats. Quade needs to publically get on the veterans for a change. Dempster was terrible and that’s why they lost…

Why does Quade insist on blaming the most consistent players for the Cubs all year in Castro and Barney. How about Dempster terrible outing and failure to close innings? How about Carlos Pena’s error in the 4th inning? Soriano grounding into double play in the 7th inning? Look at yourself first quade. Check out my atricle about it on my blog

-Chris Jelinek

This team is pathetic, Quady needs to go and a few choice veterans as well.

Thats’s a new low for Quade. He clearly stays away from the likes of
Sorinao for his errors let alone ALL THE BALLS HE DOESN’T GET TO THAT “FALL IN THERE” that can’t be considered and error but should have been caught. Quade has gone from a questionable guy that desrves a chance to an overmatched, self-serving piece of dung that has now embraced throwing the only exciting players under the bus. PATHETIC. If Hendry thinks he supplied HIS manager with players talented enough to contend, tells Ricketts the same thing then what exactly is the reason for being 20 games below .500? HIS manager? This season Hendry has solidified himself as inept in every way. Free agents, trades, washed up additions to the team and choosing a BAD manager. Way to go Quade, you come off as a bully picking on the little guys who have no means of recourse instead of the wahsed up and over-rated bums like Soriano, Dempster, Pena, Fukodome. Quade and Hendry do a nice job embarrassing the entire Cub Nation.

Quade’s motivation behind his comments were to make sure Barney and Castro don’t slack off. It’s the right message, but perhaps might have been better kept between the three. And I agree Dempster needs to step up. As the so-called ace, he’s had a horrible April, publicly challenged his manager in Pittsburgh, and should be able to overcome a 2-0 first inning deficit.

What is Quade’s method/motivation for making sure Soriano doesn’t “slack off”? AND…what indications exist (other than a lost in the sun pop up!) that either Castro or Barney have slacked off, might slack off or at risk of slacking off? Not their hustle, not their batting average, not not their RUNS BATTED IN….gee, seems to me Soriano needed to be thrown under the bus NOT the kids. Soriano and Fukodome are THE two players that by intention or lack of talent have slacked off. Where’s Bobby Cox when you need him? Oh yea, he’s with a WELL RUN TEAM.

Qless is as Qless does.

Last night Byrd charged a ball with his glove “off to the side”…when he missed it he had to do a 180 and go chase it. Even Brenly commented that it is a mistake not to keep your body IN FRONT OF THE BALL so one does not have to chase it when one misses it. Will we hear the awesome teacher that he is Quade publicly go after Byrd and throw HIM under the bus as he did with Castro and Barney? It appears that what’s good for the goose is not what is good for the gander. Nor is Hendry or Quade good for the Cubs. Don’t get me wrong, I think Byrd is a good outfielder and bad things can happen even to good defenders but it is obvious the sun had NOTHING TO DO with Byrd’s gaff and was actually HIS error but he’s a veteran so Quade leave’s his mistakes out of the newspaper???

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