7/27 Z says Cubs need changes

Carlos Zambrano repeated Wednesday that he wants to stay with the Cubs but if the team decides it needs to make a change, he’ll think about it as the Trade Deadline approaches. Zambrano does have a no-trade clause, and would have the last word.

“I do want to stay here,” Zambrano said. “At the same time, I want this team to make some changes. If we want to win here, we need to make changes. If I have to go, I have to go but I’ll still have the Cubs in m heart. If the change has to be me, that’s OK.”

The Cubs haven’t approached him about any possible trade.

“If it comes, it comes and I’ll think about it,” Zambrano said.

What kind of changes would he like to see the team make?

“Change. A lot of change,” he said. “A lot of changes to win.”

Does that mean change the players?

“Change,” Zambrano said.

He did pitch well enough to entice somebody, posting the ninth quality start by a Cubs pitcher in the last 12 games. But Zambrano was clearly not happy about being lifted in the seventh when manager Mike Quade pulled him with two outs and Nyjer Morgan at the plate.

“I think at that point, I had confidence that I could get Nyjer out,” Zambrano said. “It’s [Quade’s] decision. There’s nothing I can do about it.”

Morgan, who had doubled off Zambrano in the third, began the day batting .333 against right-handers and .231 against lefties. Those numbers were behind Quade’s decision.

“I don’t blame him,” Quade said about Zambrano asking to face another batter. “I thought with the two guys coming up behind Nyjer and the way he’s struggled in the past against left-handers [it was time to pull Zambrano]. A lot of decisions ain’t easy and that was not an easy decision but I thought we needed to try to stop it right there.”

— Carrie Muskat


So now the players are telling the press that The Management of this team (Hendry,Quade etc.)SUCKS
And instead of actually doing anything about it they are making comments like this “Jim Hendry still believes that the Chicago Cubs have the nucleus of a potential World Series champion. ” is he F-ing crazy has he watched this team at all?
And Trading Zambrano and eating his $$ what sense does that make What lame cast off does Hendry want to replace him with this time.

z is te only guy with balls with a connection to the cubs.

yes we need change… starting from Kenney all the way to the farm.

if our scouts are so good, where is all the talent coming through…?

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