7/29 July numbers

Some July batting average/RBI numbers:

Marlon Byrd .309/4 RBIs

Aramis Ramirez .299/23 RBIs

Geovany Soto .293/6 RBIs

Darwin Barney, .286/8 RBIs

Starlin Castro .261/7 RBIs

Carlos Pena .228/7 RBIs

Alfonso Soriano .176/9 RBIs

— Carrie Muskat


The only word to describe this lack of production… PATHETIC.

Except for Ramirez who although is our only genuine RBI guy I will not mind seeing gone from the roster next season along with his 16 million option and his rapidly declining defense (just ask Brenly!). If Hendry brings back Ramirez and the strike out kink Pena thinking that both will be offensive juggernauts next season…he is more inept than I ever thought. I wouldn’t be surprise if Hendry, Ricketts and Quade fall in love with Pena even more than they are now and justify bringing him back based on his defense (not THAT spectacular) and his “good guy” persona. BAD.
The only legit option now is to run from the fight, save as much money as possible, play the cheap kids for 2-3 years and then come back with the funds to fight again.
Wasted payroll on “semi-star” players (Penar, Soriano, Fukodome etc.) year after year hasn’t gotten us anywhere and never will.

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