7/29 Ramirez not going anywhere

Aramis Ramirez isn’t going anywhere this year. On Thursday, the third baseman said he was willing to consider a trade but on Friday, he repeated his earlier stance, which is that he will not waive his no-trade protection.

“I think I was misunderstood yesterday,” Ramirez said about his comments after Thursday’s Cubs’ game in Milwaukee that seemed to leave a window open. “I haven’t read the paper … but the way it came out was that I wanted to leave and I was ready to go somewhere else and that’s not the case.

“What I tried to say yesterday was I talked to Jim [Hendry, general manager] a couple weeks ago and we’re on the same page,” Ramirez said. “He wants me here and I want to stay here.”

Ramirez has 10-and-5 rights, which are 10 years in the Major Leagues and five with the same team. That gives him the right to veto any deal. Back on July 18, Ramirez said he would do just that if Hendry came to him with a possible trade. At that time, there were reports that the Angels were interested.

“We knew there would be some teams interested in my services and [Hendry] asked me [earlier this month] what I wanted to do and I said I want to stay here and he said, ‘Good, I want you here,'” Ramirez said on Friday.

— Carrie Muskat

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