7/31 Cubs lineup

Reed Johnson is leading off and playing in right field Sunday for the Cubs in the series finale against the Cardinals. Johnson is 2-for-7 against Jake Westbrook; Tyler Colvin has not faced the right-hander. Chicago is 1-7 against St. Louis this season, including 0-5 at Busch Stadium. Here’s the lineup:

RF Johnson

SS Castro

3B Ramirez

1B Pena

CF Byrd

LF Soriano

2B Barney

C Hill

P Dempster

— Carrie Muskat


the only thing that will wake this organization up is empty wallets!!!! The Bucs ownership witnessed 3,000 fans in the stands numerous times, even with a contender in town…these tunnel visioned no baseball knowing owners will not wake up till their pocket books are nearing E on the gauge….time to unite Cub Fans!!!! If you wanna see a winner, let these fools know who pays the friggin BILLS!!!!! empty those seats and create a winners attitude

tailgate….give wrigleyville establishments the money…..pickett…but do not enter the ballpark….wake these braindead owners and management up

nice to see charlie hustle back in left………………what a joke does Q need brain surgery??????? or simply a transplant

i was looking forward to watching the cubs in august and sept because i thought i would be watching the youngsters play after we traded everybody away at the trade deadline. Boy was i wrong! Now we are stuck with the same pathertic team weve been watching for 4 months. Cant wait for football!

Quade is a genius!!!! One mental health day off for Soriano and he is now 25 years old again, hiting home runs in meaningful games and playing stellar defense. So…Quade..how about every other day off for Soriano and see how that works? It’s not as if Soriano’s homerun vs. St. Louis was a game changer. Too little, too late. And his defense? Come on, NO amount of days off will improve his defense. Even the ESPN guys stated flat out that they couldn’t explain the “route” Soriaon took while chasing a double.

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