7/31 Trade Deadline passes

The Trade Deadline passed on Sunday with the Cubs standing pat.

The team did not make a move by Sunday’s 3 p.m. CT deadline, although Cubs GM Jim Hendry did tweak the roster earlier in the week when he sent outfielder Kosuke Fukudome to the Indians for two Minor Leaguers on Thursday.

The move was a first step toward 2012. It’s not that outfielder Abner Abreu and pitcher Carlton Smith, who were acquired from the Indians, are close to being Major League ready. This year is the last of Fukudome’s contract with the Cubs and the team wants outfielder Tyler Colvin to play more.

Colvin was on the Opening Day roster but scuffled with part-time at-bats, hitting .191 on May 13 when he was optioned to Triple-A Iowa.

The Cubs’ No. 1 pick in the 2006 First-Year Player Draft, Colvin batted .256 at Iowa with seven homers, 12 doubles, six triples and 32 RBIs. The hope is that with regular at-bats, he’ll find the power stroke that produced 20 homers last season. He has started two of three games since rejoining the team; Colvin was not in the lineup Sunday.

“The goal was to move a few pieces that we knew weren’t coming back,” Hendry said Friday.

If you followed the rumors on the Internet, it appeared that teams contacted the Cubs regarding Carlos Pena, Marlon Byrd and possibly Carlos Marmol. However, the reality is there was interest in players the Cubs didn’t want to part with, such as Sean Marshall and Jeff Baker.

Looking ahead, the Cubs do have a lot of money coming off the books in 2012, and are obligated for about $72.6 million, including $19 million for Alfonso Soriano and Carlos Zambrano and $14 million for Ryan Dempster. Players who are arbitration eligible include Matt Garza, Geovany Soto, Baker, Koyie Hill, Randy Wells, and Blake DeWitt.

They will have to make decisions on both Pena and Aramis Ramirez. Do they keep Pena, a solid defensive first baseman who is as advertised — a streaky hitter with power. The Cubs don’t have a first baseman in the Minor Leagues who is close to being ready.

What about Ramirez? The list of potential free agent third baseman whom Hendry can consider includes Wilson Betemit, Casey Blake, Eric Chavez, Mark DeRosa, Greg Dobbs, Edwin Encarnacion, Wes Helms, Melvin Mora, Miguel Tejada and Omar Vizquel. The Cubs’ best move may be keeping Ramirez.

Now that the non-waiver Trade Deadline has passed, deals involving players on the 40-man roster cannot be made unless the players already have cleared waivers. In other words, the player must be offered to the other teams in reverse order of the standings, and if he is claimed by one of the teams, he cannot be traded. The club that placed the player on waivers can either withdraw the request and keep the player, or let the player go to the claiming team, which would then have the rights to the player.

Last year, both Derrek Lee and Mike Fontenot were traded in August, with Lee going to the Braves and Fontenot to the Giants.

— Carrie Muskat



I actually feel numb…

Yes let’s not trade Ramirez, Pena and Byrd as they have been such an asset this year and are obviously inked into the future.

Actually I feel as numb as Hendry is dumb.

Why do we have to put up with HEndry’d feeble attempot at keeping bums on seats by keeping bums on the field?

Even if we got nothing back, the $10m saved on handing over the above three would have paid a good part of the DRaft Bonuses next year.

the only thing that will wake this organization up is empty wallets!!!! The Bucs ownership witnessed 3,000 fans in the stands numerous times, even with a contender in town…these tunnel visioned no baseball knowing owners will not wake up till their pocket books are nearing E on the gauge….time to unite Cub Fans!!!! If you wanna see a winner, let these fools know who pays the friggin BILLS!!!!! empty those seats and create a winners attitude

tailgate….give wrigleyville establishments the money…..pickett…but do not enter the ballpark….wake these braindead owners and management up

We didnt trade anybody because hendry is a lame duck gm who has been instructed to not trade anyone who the next gm may want. Thats a theory as to why we stupidly did absolutely nothing today

I agree with Allen and can only pray this is the case. Better to have the bumbling GM that Hendry is do nothing than cause more harm. Launching Fukodome with only two months left in exchange for two minor leaguers that will more than likely have no impact on the big league club IS doing nothing. Carrie, LaHair with his very good year in AAA is not even CLOSE to being ready for what??? Batting .220 and catching some balls at 1B while dislplaying some power and striking out a ton all for about 10 million a year? Sounds like Pena to me…ooops, except for about 9.5 million dollars less. So LaHair may not put up 30 homers or dig every ball out of the dirt (neither does Pena by the way) BUT not ready for the Cubs? Come on, LaHair could have been the first baseman all year and the team still would have managed to be 23 games below .500 but with another 9.5 million in the bank for the next GM to spend on competant and good players instead of being wasted on a sub-par “fill-in”, non-impact player like Pena. No matter what, Hendry will find a way to mis-spend and abuse payroll. Like paying Koyie Hill to do a job any of our minor leauge catchers could do for a lot less. Over-paying is Hendry’s style from dany one. Just change the names of the players. The exceptions are Baker & Marshall and that’s what makes them “untouchable”. Duh.

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