8/4 Ejections

Cubs manager Mike Quade was ejected for the fifth time this season Wednesday night by home plate umpire Bob Davidson. Who holds the franchise mark for getting tossed the most in a single season? Not Leo Durocher. The record is seven, shared by Johnny Evers (1913) and Frankie Frisch (1950). Jim Lefebvre was the most recent Cubs manager to challenge for the title when he was tossed six times in 1993.

Thanks to Cubs historian Ed Hartig for doing the research.

— Carrie Muskat


Quade is coming of as nothing more than an over-matched, out-managed GLORY HOUND.
He might have Boston at .500 or worse. BRING US A MANAGER.

The umpire should never work again. He not only could not call the
pitches correctly but his short fuse is unacceptable. He is the one
who should have been ejected.

haha yeah its the umpires fault…. give me a break…

My God, it’s as if some people NEVER witnessed a play like that??? Come on, it’s rather routine for HARD NOSED WINNING PLAYERS. It’s just that WE CUBS fans are not given the opportunity to see such players under Hendry’s regime. Sure, let’s adopt the mantra “It’s the Ump’s fault” for 2012 right now so both Hendry and Quade can look good.
Myabe Reed Johnson would pull off a slide like that but who else on this woe-begotten roster would? Soriano??? HA! He’s afraid of the outfield wall and hurting himself sliding in the outfield. He is the “Anti-Reed Johnson”

First of all we are not talking about any slide play. We are talking about
the fact that Colvin was called out on a strike that was, in fact, a ball
and then was ejected AS HE WALKED BACK to the dugout. Then Quade
comes out to object to Colvin being ejected for NOTHING EJECTABLE and
he is ejected AS HE WALKS BACK to the dugout. NOTHING EJECTABLE
there either.

My apologies to C White, you are correct. With Quade running out on the field willy-nilly at the first sign of a photo op I was confusing the play with the slide of Holliday into Castro. I agree that Colvin’s ejection was the result of the ump being too trigger happy. We are going to have to start cataloging Quade’s umpire rants soon if he keeps this juvenile tactic.
In this case however he definatley was right to go out there and defend Colvin.

Thank you joeydafish for your apology. I guess we were just on different
pages on that one. I agree that we can’t go running out objecting every
time one of our players gets hit. It’s part of the game as long as the hit
is not intentional. Good day to you.

C white did you see Colvin’s reaction? Whether it was towards the umpire or at himself… either way its umpire discretion. I am sure all Quade said was, ” Now golly gee you were wrong.” Give me a break you throw a profanity out at an umpire you better be ready to get tossed…. warranted or not…. THAT’S part of the game!

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