8/4 Ricketts: “We want to be the best”

Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts made a stop in Peoria on Wednesday to see the Class A team and talked to reporters there.

“We want our Minor Leagues to be as productive as possible. We do want to separate ourselves in that we want to be better,” Ricketts said in a news conference at O’Brien Field. “We want to be known as a team that drafts and develops players better than the other teams.”

Ricketts said he visits the Minor League teams because the goal is to build the best organization in baseball, according to a story in the Peoria Journal Star. Ricketts was asked about any possible changes for next season.

“I don’t know just yet,” Ricketts said. “It’s something we’ll decide at the right time.”

So far, the new owners have concentrated on the business end.

“It’s hard to say we’ve had any type of big impact on the baseball side,” Ricketts said, “but that being said, a lot of the stuff we’re doing now should pay off in the long run.”

And that includes a commitment to scouting and player development, which includes building new facilities in Mesa, Ariz., and also the Dominican Republic.

“We’re out talking to our affiliates to make sure we’re doing everything we can with our minor league players and coaches,” Ricketts said. “Ultimately the performance on the field, if it’s going to be consistently winning, has to come from a great organization. We’re doing everything we can to make it the best organization in baseball.”

— Carrie Muskat


I truly love the commitment that the Ricketts are showing on the amateur side of the game.

Now he just needs to show that same commitment at the big league level, and I think we all know where it starts.

We Want to be the best
But we don’t want baseball people running the team
We Want to be the best
But we have total confidence in an incompetent GM
We Want to be the best but we keep a AAA manager and coaching staff

We want our minor leagues to be as productive as possible….. what about the Big Leagues you know the team that actually brings in revenue? You keep this losing crap up and you will lose some of your fan base. The Cubs at least need to be able to compete for the NL Central…. Ok so you boost your Minor League system how long till we see a return on the Major League side of things?? 4 years? 5? 6 or more? Sorry Ricketts but you need to pull your head out of ur butt and realize you got big time needs up top. Get this team competitive then you can build up the Minor League system. The way its looking is we are going to see losing seasons like the Rays, Pirates, and Mariners of the recent past. I know many people who aren’t going to watch a game till this circus gets shutdown…………..

Maybe he meant they want to be the “pest”????

He just don’t know just yet? Are you kidding me? Ricketts keep saying he wants to invest in minors which is code for we ain’t spending no money.

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