8/5 Run, Tony, run

Tony Campana notched his first professional home run in the first inning Friday, an inside the park dash, against the Reds’ Mike Leake. Starlin Castro singled to lead off and Campana then lined a 2-0 pitch into the corner in left field.

Cincinnati’s Yonder Alonso slammed into the left field wall along the line trying to track down the ball but it richocheted toward the back wall. Campana never slowed, and scored standing up. He is the first Cubs player to hit an inside the park homer since Geovany Soto did so May 19, 2008, at Houston, and the first to do so at Wrigley Field since Sammy Sosa on Oct. 6, 2001, against the Pirates.

This was Campana’s first pro homer ever; he never hit one in the Minor Leagues. He’s the first Cubs player to have an inside the park variety as his first Major Leaguer homer since Carmen Mauro did so on Oct. 3, 1948, at St. Louis.

— Carrie Muskat


How about an official time on Tony’s lap around the bases. According to the Guiness Book of Baseball World Records, Evar Swanson owns the fastest lap time around the bases at 13.3 seconds in 1932. Just using the timer on the highlight video counter makes it look like Tony’s lap took somewhere around 13 or 14 seconds, and might have beat the current record. I suspect he just missed the record as he slowed down as there was no play at the plate.

That’s a single for Soriano….

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