8/8 Minor League report

Brett Jackson hit two home runs to back Dave Bush and lead Iowa to a 6-1 victory over Sacramento on Sunday. Jackson now has hit safely in six of his last seven games. Scott Moore had two hits, including a home run, and two RBIs. Blake Parker pitched two innings for his first save.

Trey McNutt gave up two runs on seven hits over four innings in Tennessee’s 11-4 win over Huntsville. Blake Lalli hit his eighth home run and Jae-Hoon Ha had three hits and two RBIs. Junior Lake had two hits and two RBIs.

Greg Rohan hit two home runs and drove in five in Daytona’s 8-6 win over Clearwater. Logan Watkins had three hits and a stolen base and Matt Szczur and Elliot Soto each had two hits. Angel Guzman, continuing his rehab from shoulder surgery, gave up three runs on five hits over one inning. Dae-Eun Rhee earned the win in relief, throwing six innings.

Eric Jokisch gave up three runs on five hits over 5 2/3 innings in Peoria’s 8-6 win over Cedar Rapids. Rubi Silva had three hits and scored two runs and Richard Jones had three hits and one RBIs.

Willengton Cruz threw five shutout innings but Boise was shutout, 2-0, by Tri-City.

Brian Smith gave up three runs on three hits and two walks over 2 2/3 innings in Mesa’s 4-2 loss to the Angels.

— Carrie Muskat


Quick question…I am a former high school teammate of Bryan Lahair (Holy Name Worcester Class of ’99) Do you think he will ever get a shot with the big club? And if not, why wont the Cubs send him elsewhere (Houston, Arizona, Oakland, Colorado for when Helton retires) where he might?

Dan, the Cubs will most likely call LaHair up in September when rosters expand. He was signed as a Minor League free agent after seven years in the Mariners’ system. The Cubs would deal him if there’s interest. They’re not the ones holding him back (sorry, Joey).

thats what i figured. the only reason i ask is because he spent so much time in Tacoma because he struggled mightily against lefties and his Ks were far too high. the power has always been there, but he seems to have turned it around a bit against lefties. But thanks for the insight.

Hendry in all his genius signed Pena for a wasted 10 million dollar, ONE YEAR deal during a season that everybody knew would NOT be the season to challenge for a playoff spot. The ill-advised acquisition of Pena BY HENDRY is the reason LaHair is not playing 1b. I am not saying that LaHair is the answer to 1b but he was THE option if Hendry would have done the sane thing and saved on payroll,that’s a fact. Just more of the same old, stop gap, wasting money tactics of Hendry. (sorry, Carrie) So, again…where is the plan? LaHair MAY get called up in Sept…why? To get him some major league experience for 2012? Quade will actually PLAY him at 1b over Pena and Baker (whom Quade and Hendry seem to be VERY infatuated with). No other interest in LaHair for a trade? So in other words…he’s going NOWHERE in any organization yet HENDRY thought it a good thing to have him as an AAA player just to keep THAT positon warm knowing LaHair wasn’t even going to be considered for a trade or advancement? If Baker is the “go to guy” for backing up the all pwowerful, Pujols-like Pena at 1B over both Colvin AND LaHair, what’s that tell you about our minor leauge system? Hendry should be gone next year according to Phill Rogers and David Kaplan, let’s hope they are correct. Hendry can take heart he did good by Ramirez, Lee and Castro but his time has come. I think NOBODY was dealt this season because Hendry is in a “do no harm” mode for the next GM…WE CAN HOPE!

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