8/10 Draft deadline

Monday is the deadline for teams to sign their Draft picks, and the Cubs have yet to sign their No. 1 selection, Javier Baez. The 18-year-old shortstop may be close. On his Facebook page, he wrote, “Seven days until I start a new life, Chicago coming soon.” The Cubs have signed eight of their top 22 picks, including outfielder Zeke DeVoss, who was their third selection. Although there have been reports that the Cubs signed Wayne Gretzky’s son Trevor, who was selected in the seventh round, the team has not confirmed that. The deadline for signing Draft picks is Monday at 10:59 p.m. CT. Because of the late hour and last minute agreements, we may not know until Tuesday who has signed.

— Carrie Muskat



Hopefully Hendry is on thinner ice than Gretzky.

I know that all teams have a flurry of last day signings of their first ten choices, waiting till the last minute. I sure hope this is the case with the Cubs, or it will be time for Hendry to go, and Ricketts to sell the club to Mike Cuban, who probably not be afraid to spend $$$$

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