8/15 Is Z retiring or isn’t he? Only he knows

In an interview Monday with Comcast SportsNet Chicago, Carlos Zambrano said he does not want to retire.

“Of course, man, hey, the Cubs have been to me like family,” Zambrano said in the interview. “The organization is my family. I’ve seen people go and come and I’m still there. I want to keep pitching for the Cubs. It was a moment of frustration Friday night, and I pitched so bad I wanted to retire, you know, I don’t want to be making $18 million and pitch like [that].”

Zambrano also said he did not intend to hit the Braves’ Chipper Jones with a pitch. He was ejected from Friday’s game after he hit Jones.

“Why would I be hitting Chipper that night?” Zambrano said. “Chipper is the main guy on the Braves, and I threw some curves inside because I wanted to get them to extend their arms because they were too comfortable. I have to pitch inside, and the pitch was cut. If I wanted to hit someone, I hit him. I think I have good target when I want to hit someone. And [Jim] Edmonds can talk about that.”

Zambrano was placed on the disqualified list on Saturday. He came out of Friday’s game against the Braves, and told Cubs staff he was retiring, then cleaned out his locker and left Turner Field.

— Carrie Muskat


If that’s the way that Z feels then I think Quade handled this situation all wrong. I read that although he was talking to the media about Zambrano he had yet to have a conversation with the man. Obviously Z shouldn’t have stormed out during a game, but in fairness to him he had been bombed and then ejected. His role for that night had already been determined and he wasn’t allowed by rule back into the dugout. I think Quade is in over his head as manager. He’s a baseball guy, but he just doesn’t seem to command the respect that bigger reputations in the game do. He had no reasong to air this dirty laundry in the media prior to collecting some details. This should have been handled behind closed doors.

This team is becoming a joke and I’m tired of it.

But he’s pulled so many stunts, do you think the Cubs should tolerate still another?

z is still a good pitcher–best hitting pitcher-fields his position and throws a lot of good innings for us. plus he is very charitable to many of the younger guys and off the field leads an excellent family life. he just can not stand failure. still very young and we can not deny that when he is pitching we like to be at the ball park. i hope he is always a cub–we need to stop turning our backs on some of our great cub players because of circumstances.

What’s more offensive? Tolerating Zambrano or the Hendry/Quade insult?
Quade won’t hesitate to get in the camera’s eye (on or off the field) or in the reporter’s microphone. This is HIS time and he’s hell-bent on making himself visible
and appear to be “just the man for the job”. He and Hendry make me sick when they open their trap and out comes nonsense. Hendry all of a sudden is even MORE of a genius than fanboy Ricketts realizes because Hendry has used the “rare” DISQUALIFIED LIST. Oh boy! Oh boy! The DISQUALIFIED LIST!!! What a special GM we have boys and girls!!! All us fans should just swoon at the mention of either Quade or Hendry. We are the luckiest fans in the world. So what’s a little World Series drought when one has such masterminds as Quade and Hendry?

Hey, maybe Z can baby sit 1B next year instead of Pena and just retire from pitching?
Who knows, he’s still young. Maybe he can be the next Pujols! Ha! Hendry has done worse moves.

I believe Z when he says he was not trying to hit Jones. If he wanted to hit him, I think he would have. Clearly he was frustrated. I wonder why the neither the manage or the pitching coach went out to talk to him when he was having so much trouble. And why did neither of them talk to him in the club house – even for a minute or two – after he was ejected? He shouldn’t have cleaned out his locker and left, but I think the Cubs management over reacted and created this mess. Z didn’t tell the press he was going to retire, it was just some word uttered in frustration in the club house. Who decided that should be reported to the media? I think putting him on the DQ list is ridiculous. He should be back with the team.

Who cannot now believe that Hendry (if not the goofs that enable him) is just salivating at a “way out” of Z’s contract? That’s why nobody goes to the mound as it may play into Hendry’s hands if Z has another post-anger management episode because Hendry can now say he has done all they could for Z. Really? EVERYONE konws the nature of Zambrano and maybe if Quade was directed to um, let’s think about this…PULL HIM AFTER GIVING UP 5 FRIGGIN’ HOMERUNS this incident could have been avoided but I don’t believe that directive was given considering Hendry would rather have an out. Either way this is all moot as Z isn’t a critical piece to the Cubs success, rather the removal of Hendry IS.

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