8/19 Cubs dismiss Hendry as GM

The deciding factor was wins and losses, and the Cubs didn’t win enough under Jim Hendry, who was dismissed on Friday as the general manager after 17 years with the organization.

Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts said the search for a new general manager would begin immediately. Randy Bush, 52, who has been the assistant GM for five seasons, took over on an interim basis, but will not be considered for the job. Ricketts said he wanted to hire someone outside of the Cubs organization.

“We didn’t win enough games,” Hendry said at a news conference at Wrigley Field before the Cubs faced the Cardinals. “You don’t win enough games, you can’t fight change.”

Named vice president and GM in July 2002, Hendry’s teams went 749-748 during his time as GM. This season, though, the team is 16 games below .500 (54-70) and in fourth place, 18 1/2 games out in the National League Central.

“First and foremost, we just didn’t win enough games,” Ricketts said. “Team performance over the last two years is not where it needs to be. In a culture of accountability, we need to look at those results.

“Secondarily, our goal is to win the World Series, and to do that we have to get better,” Ricketts said. “I just believe that by bringing in new leadership for the baseball organization, we’ll get some different perspectives and maybe some different ideas of where to go in the future.”

In what might have been the best-kept secret in Cubs history, Ricketts told Hendry on July 22 that he intended to make a change. But Ricketts wanted Hendry to continue through the July 31 non-waiver Trade Deadline and the signing of the team’s 2011 Draft choices. The deadline for signing draftees passed Monday night.

— Carrie Muskat


i can’t believe joey hasn’t come in here yet to say FINALLY!!! So I will….. FINALLY!!!!!! Now we can get someone in there who knows what he is doing

Thanks Petrey. I was beside myself with, with…HAPPINESS. I did manage to comment in a previous blog as soon as I heard the CHANCE of his firing. We can now all forget about the century of futility. THIS is DAY ONE. But, if you would allow….F I N A L L Y!!!!!!

don’t get your hopes up… we gotta get Fielder to contend sooner rather than later but at least we took one step forward… next step is to find a good GM… Carrie any word on When? and who? they will sign?

Best news all season !

no hugs for Albert today!

How about Steve Stone or Greg Maddux? Cubs need to stay away from Fielder and Pujoles. Pena is a positive influence and has saved many errors. Sign him for another year or two for less money until one of these young players is ready. Or, bring up Lahair now and see how he does.

No timetable for new GM, and they do have some time to search. And no, re: Maddux or Stone.

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