8/19 Players reaction to Hendry’s departure

Friday was a difficult day for some of the Cubs. GM Jim Hendry’s dismissal caught them off guard.

“He’s responsible for every single person in here,” Ryan Dempster said, looking around the clubhouse. “He’s a really good person and good man and he was let go because we didn’t do our job on the field.

“He’s been a big part of my life and gave me the opportunity to play for the Chicago Cubs and that’s something I’ll always be grateful for,” Dempster said. “It’s tough for us in the locker room, I’m sure it’s tough for the coaches. I’m glad we won today because I know he’d be happy for us.”

The Cubs rallied to beat the Cardinals 5-4 in 10 innings on Friday, just hours after meeting with Hendry in the clubhouse to get the news.

“It was a tough day and a tough thing to hear that sadness,” Dempster said. “He doesn’t have anything to be sad about because he did a great job in every aspect. Everyone was thankful to go out and play for him.”

The Cubs did improve to 12-5 in August with Friday’s win but they are 55-70 overall, and now searching for a new GM.

“Whatever his legacy is, in my time here with the Cubs, he’s as good a baseball man as I’ve been around,” Mike Quade said of Hendry, “and I’ve been around some pretty good ones.

“My friend won’t be my boss,” Quade said, “but he will always be my friend.”

Hendry, who took over the GM duties in July 2002, signed Alfonso Soriano to an eight-year deal in November 2006.

“He tried to do what’s best for the team,” Soriano said. “He’s very honest with the players. He does what’s best for the players and what’s best for the team, too.

“I was very surprised,” Soriano said of the news Friday. “I talked to him after practice today. I thought they wanted to make a move, but I didn’t think they’d make that kind of move. It’s very sad for Jim and for the players because we love him.”

It’s impossible to fire 25 players when the team isn’t performing well.

“We didn’t play the way we should play and a lot of veteran guys are making a lot of money and not performing like they should and someone had to pay the price,” Aramis Ramirez said. “The players are responsible. [The GM] doesn’t play. He signs guys and brings in guys and puts this guy in this position and gets the manager and the coaches.

“The bottom line is to get the job done between the lines,” he said, “and we didn’t.”

— Carrie Muskat


jim hendry worked hard to gain his position in life and is a most honorable man. If you run a business and on the day you must leave you have the most customers since 1978 and nearly every player,coach,media person thinks well of you as a man—not bad. I know it may be easier to second guess and what if but not on this day when just a thank you for somebody who gave a lot of his life for so many .

Should we inscribe his name on the 9-11 memorial too? You think the next statue outside Wrigley will be one of Hendry…holding the contracts of Soriano, Zambrano, Bradley, Grabow, Fukodome???? Come on now, let’s keep this in perspective and consider him for some of the good things he did but remember why HE WAS DISMISSED. Gave a lot of his life for so many…PUHLEASE. Hey Aram, sure the GM doesn’t play, but Hendry signed one too many guys that can’t play either, hence SEE YA!!

fishbait u would never understand giving yourself to a job and actually being liked and respected by your employees u like being a smartass and second guessing on blogs and it will only be a short time that whomever is chosen will receive your juvenile treatment because that is who you are

Your’e right ty, I’m so sorry….I never should have treated Hendry so unfairly, if only I would have known how upset it made you. How am I ever going to sleep well? Oh, yeah…Hendry was FIRED, that’s how.

fishbait–sleep well on that cot in your grandmother basement and quick as u are fired at burger king i will write some more. all kidding aside come and talk some baseball at the park. i sit down by the dugout -with a pink hat on–like to yell at quade so we will make a great pair.

ty, what a cordial and mature invitation yet as tempting as that sounds I believe I’ll stay on my cot (it too is pink), in my grandmother’s basement am werk on my tiping scills as i wayt for newz of a new generul managar. Or maybee i take up name kalling or neanderthal grammar, nah, that iz beneet me.

fishballs the only thing below you is the cot in the basement spelling never made you any money so you can not afford a dugout seat like me cub fans do not appreciate your attempt to demean our organization…espec since you do not even come to the park. I have a seat for you tonight–just look for me with the pink hat near cubs dugout.

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