8/21 Must see TV

If Carlos Zambrano was watching Sunday night’s ESPN baseball broadcast, he would have learned that it’s unlikely he’ll be back in a Cubs uniform. In an interview, chairman Tom Ricketts said he had a “hard time imagining” Zambrano pitching for the team again. Zambrano is currently on the disqualified list after his early exit from Turner Field on Aug. 12. Zambrano gave up five home runs that night, was ejected in the fifth inning after hitting Chipper Jones with a pitch, then packed his gear and left the ballpark. He told teammates he was retiring, and later recanted that story in an interview.

There have been plenty of distractions for the Cubs lately.

“The day to day activity here is probably a good thing,” said Cubs manager Mike Quade, who is taking it one day at a time. “It doesn’t allow you the time to sit back. You’re just consumed with what goes on here every day. I wind up saying, ‘It’s baseball,’ and then go about my business.”

— Carrie Muskat


The confidence in Ricketts is slowly but surely building as he not only FIRED Hendry but is realizing one of Hendry’s mistakes more than likely won’t be back either in Zambrano. I have always thought of Zambrano as one of Hendry’s mistakes but a mistake that should be cut SOME (not a lot…) slack as there was talent and youth involved SOMEWHAT justifiying the contract. Unlike the TERRIBLE contract given Soriano (not to mention Bradley..doh!) who did not offer youth, or talent required for the NL. Also prominsing about Ricketts is his referral that the new GM (ah…there it is again…THE NEW GM…music please….) will be responsable for the field manager giving even more hope that yet another Hendry mistake may not return in 2012. Thank you Mr. Ricketts for restoring some faith for the future of our Cubs!!

joeydagoldfish your spelling is hilarious remember when your mom encouraged you to do your homework then you could have seats near the cubs dugout like I DO. bet you want ken williams of sox to be our next gm and he can bring adam dunn and peavy with their huge worthless contracts across town oh–so other gm have an albatros. if you ever really come to a game wave at me from the bleachers i will have my pink hat on. by the way–do not try to brown nose the ricketts now–they have read your daily crap too long .

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