8/22 Castro gets “mental day off”

Mike Quade said Starlin Castro’s nonchalant defensive play on Sunday was “unacceptable” and gave the 21-year-old shortstop a day off Monday. Castro was caught with his back to home as Cubs reliever James Russell was delivering a pitch in the sixth inning of their game against the Cardinals. ESPN analyst Bobby Valentine criticized the young shortstop for his lackadaisical play.

“I was really disappointed and very surprised at [Castro],” Quade said Monday. “It is something that we have been after him from day one, focus-wise. It’s something that, to be honest, with his talent, is his toughest challenge. It’s not acceptable, not good.”

Quade said he won’t use Castro’s inexperience as an excuse for the lapse.

“He is young, but that’s not an excuse anymore,” Quade said. “We’ll continue to treat him as a guy who has to learn stuff but when it comes to concentrating on every pitch, I don’t think you can use his age as an out.”

Quade called Monday a “mental day off,” and said he would take it one day at a time. The Cubs manager met with Castro. The shortstop’s response?

“He didn’t think [Russell] was ready and done with his warmups and ready to make a pitch,” Quade said. “It’s ESPN, it’s four minutes between [innings], but that’s not an excuse — he needs to be ready.”

As for Valentine’s comments, Quade said he didn’t hear them. Quade opted to watch the replay with the volume on mute.

“I don’t listen to Bobby very much,” Quade sad. “I don’t want any outside influences and make up my own decisions.”

— Carrie Muskat


It is difficult to defend Starlin for being turned around during a pitch but Iwould take his word as what he told his skipper. I know that his work ethic has always been good–the cubs have one of the best infield co-oridinators that I have ever been around who has worked with him during his minor league years and still does throughout the entire year. Believe me he has never been coddled just because of any natural talent. What is unfortunate is that he made this gaffe in front of the worst snake in all of baseball and his butt kissing partner on espn. valentino would stab his grandmother for attention and a job. Fortunately he will never ever manage a player of 2l yrs old with his career still ahead. Valentine should be on Valium but he will self-destruct on espn in due time while the rest of us cub fans get to enjoy the play of this good kid.

Wow, that’s pretty harsh. How do you justify your comment against Valentine? If I remember correctly, he was one of the names being mentioned to succeed Piniella. Anyway, he’s actually RIGHT. Castro’s mistake is absolutely inexcusable at this level. He didn’t need to go on and on about it and tear Starlin apart, but his premise is correct.

Anyone on TV is that way, look at Grace kissing Q’s butt Sat., after sounding off about Ryno last week.
Castro needs kicked in the butt, just as a reminder, but we all need that. If you get to soft on him he may be our next left fielder….
And Grace you were right on about Ryno…

Valentine for GM! (I couldn’t resist…)

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