8/22 Report: Pena on waivers

According to reports, Carlos Pena was placed on waivers on Monday. Pena, 33, was hitting .222 with 23 homers in 480 plate appearances for the Cubs. If a team were to pick him up, they would have to be prepared to handle at least $5 million of his $10 million contract. Half of Pena’s total money was deferred until January 2012.

Alfonso Soriano and Carlos Zambrano also have cleared waivers, according to reports. Soriano is owed slightly more than $54 million through 2014. Zambrano is a little more complicated. He reportedly cleared waivers before he was placed on the disqualified list and is owed $18 million next season. There is a 2013 vesting player option for $19.25 million.

To be traded after the July 31 Trading Deadline, a player must be placed on waivers. If more than one team claims the player, the team with the weakest record in the player’s league gets preference. If no team in the player’s league claims him, the claiming team with the weakest record in the other league gets preference. If a player is claimed, the current team has the option of arranging a trade, rescinding the request and keeping the player, or doing nothing and allowing the claiming team to assme the player’s existing contract.

— Carrie Muskat



Although Pena has good home run ability and a very good glove his low BA should keep him from returning in 2012 with the payroll money going elswhere, maybe Fielder? Soriano and Zambrano? Who really would miss them? Hopefully a new field manager in 2012 might have it in him to play somebody ahead of Soriano. I think his carreer and what ability he has left would be best served as a DH.

Not to mention his whopping .169 with risp. Great for a cleanup hitter!

Nicely done Jason. If Jim Hendry being fired can happen then we can cling to the chance of Soriano being benched or traded by the NEW GM (I can’t say that enough!!) right?

I really hope something can be done about Soriano, there are too many other people that deserve a shot but cannot get it with him out there. It would be different if he was at least trying, but it just gets old watching him dog it.

Between a new GM and a new field manager I think the chances of Soriano being dealt will increase. We just have to hope for the best. Maybe even Quade (IF he sticks around) may play him less now that he no longer has to be concerned about embarrassing Hendry.
It would be nice to see Soriano SIT the whole month of September giving Jackson a chance to get some time in the big leagues.

That would be nice to see. Jackson seems to be coming along and seems ready, and if he comes up, it would be a waste to bench him. I’d love to see how he handles Wrigley.

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