8/23 Cubs lineup

Starlin Castro is back in the Cubs lineup Tuesday night and leading off against the Braves and lefty Mike Minor. Castro was benched on Monday for his defensive lapse on Sunday night. Mike Quade has inserted Reed Johnson and Jeff Baker vs. Minor. They’re hitting .370 and .351 against lefties, respectively. The Cubs as a team are batting .271 against left-handers, second highest in the NL. Here’s the lineup:

SS Castro

RF Johnson

3B Ramirez

2B Baker

1B Pena

CF Byrd

LF Soriano

C Soto

P Coleman

— Carrie Muskat


So Valentine gave Castro the okay to play again today?

Ha! I think Valentine called out Quade’s sorry self more than he did Castro. Valentine’s national remarks may be a defining moment for Quade and put the entire coaching staff on notice…come on new GM!

It definitely should embarrass Quade. It’s his job to catch those things, especially when he said himself that they have had to get onto Castro about focusing before. Come one Q-ball, that can’t even be written off as a rookie mistake on your behalf, that’s just bad!

Did anybody notice….SORIANO HUSTLED last night? He actually motored to second on what would normally have been a ROUTINE “jog to first” single. He barely made it in at second base but that was a great effort on his part and shocking? Nice to see he can still do it, I guess when he wants to? Plus a homerun and no errors, it may have been his best all around game of the year yet still another loss. At least he TRIED last night. Maybe he realizes his destiny is with another team as a DH and he will now step up his game in order to help INTERIM GM BUSH (how nice THAT even sounds compared to Hendry, who by the way was FIRED) complete a waiver deal??? LET’S HOPE!!!!

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